Vero Telecom VR6600PRO first impressions

The VGC VR6600PRO has been in my shack four days now. These are just first impressions; we didn’t do any measurements yet.


Box InsideInside the box:

  • The radio itself (main unit + front panel)
  • Microphone
  • Suction cup
  • High quality power cable, no cheap round fuses, but the ones used in cars
  • Separation cable
  • Bracket
  • Manual
  • Fan

Extra (these are optional accessories):

  • BTG-6600A1 (GPS & APRS module)
  • PG-660 data cable
  • GPS antenna

The manual is brief but clear. No funny / bad translations.

It takes a while to get accustomed to the menus, but I got the radio up and running within 15 minutes. Programming the 1000 memories is not difficult, but the radio isn’t very patient — within two seconds or so the menu will be gone. This should be extended somewhat; more than once I wasn’t fast enough. 10 seconds or so would be nice.


VR-6600Pro Menu

The suction cup is as strong as a horse, but it needs a perfectly smooth surface in order to be reliable. In the shack I use a ‘mouse pad’ made out of glass, a present I once got from Intel. Imperfect surfaces failed, some quickly, some overnight.

TX Audio
No ‘Chinese Disease’ here: loud and clear. In the menu you can adjust the microphone gain to match your voice.

RX Audio
Not too bad for home use, but the built-in speakers won’t have enough punch for mobile use. Buy external ones. Plural? Yes, you can connect two speakers to the radio, one for the left VFO and one for the right VFO. You can choose Stereo or Mono, when set to ‘Mono’ one speaker will do too. There’s a tone control in the menu, which allows you to match the tonal quality to the speakers in use.

No noisy AF amplifier, fortunately, and no volume problems. Volume to zero = silence.

Display 2

Display in Clock mode. Working frequencies visible on top.

Display 1

Green is the default display color.

Colors, brightness and contrast can all be set in the menu.

Front: DTMF keypad, four programmable buttons. Right side: lock switch, backlight switch. PTT switch is smooth and won’t give you the cramps.

There’s a slight delay between giving a command and the radio carrying it out. I would describe it as ‘a bit sluggish’.

Scan speed
Slow, about 1.5 – 2 channels / second. This radio is clearly not a competitor for a real scanner.

General Coverage RX
This works surprisingly well, even a few (strong) medium wave stations could be received on a Diamond X30 antenna, which is basically useless for these low frequencies. 1.25 Meters (220 MHz) is there too, but my European version won’t transmit there.

bandsCross-band Repeater
Not tested yet.

Not tested yet.

I might have found a minor one, but I’m not 100% sure. The VGC engineers enjoy their spring festival holiday now, so an answer will take some time. VGC confirmed that the firmware will be upgradeable.

Oh yes, the fan!
The fan is a funny one. It comes with a special power connector and a temperature switch (TO220 size). The bracket has been designed in such a way that you can mount the fan just below it. Spacers between the bracket and the fan guarantee a good airflow. If the radio gets too hot, the the fan will switch on.


18 comments on “Vero Telecom VR6600PRO first impressions

  1. Good review, Hans. I’ll be interested to see how our further tests go.

    VGC contacted me and wanted me to sign up for their tester program, and told me they would give me a “discount” on the first radio, if I tested it. After trading a few emails, I found that they wanted $450 for the radio (with shipping) and that after I performed some testing and provided them with results, they would refund me $100.

    Even if I did get the $100 back, this is still a pricey radio. I don’t expect it to do much in the States. It might be a great performer, but at this price, people would rather have the Yaesu FTM-350 or the new FTM-400 which has Fusion capabilities.

  2. Am I correct in assuming that based on those specs this would actually be a tri-band radio in the US model? Having 2m, 70cm, and 1.25m in one radio may make the high price of this radio a little better if everything else ends up looking good. Other than that it simply won’t be on my list because at it’s current price-point I can get a much better radio with more features and US warranty support.

      • It’ll do 220mhz, but it only outputs 1-watt, I believe. Which is exactly what the Yaesu FTM-350R does.
        Hans, please correct me if I am wrong, but 1-watt isn’t going to do much for 220.

      • Jason, power output on 220 is not mentioned in the specs, but I believe you’re right. I can try to find out; if I’m correct I can activate 220 from the service menu (which I can’t access yet) and give it a go on a dummyload.

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      • That price range doesn’t include APRS/GPS capability, right?
        Everything that I’m seeing on AliExpress is around $460, without GPS.
        Since it has air band, it must have some kind of AM RX function. It would be mildly interesting to find out if AM RX is possible for the ham bands.
        I’m trying to keep an open mind on this radio, but it’s hard not to yawn, especially when it costs so much more.

  4. Can you squeeze the European 4M band out of it? I doubt it, but thought I’d ask. I’ve always wanted to play with it here in the US, but figured I’d have to build something from scratch.

  5. I made a nice qso with hans saturday, and i can confirm that this trx has a great sounding tx audio…. As i am quite nitpicky, i am not easily satisfied, nor do i expect broadcast quality. But this sounds as good as any kenwood/yeasu. No chinese modulation in this one… Huray!

  6. Hi. This month (March 2015) I will be purchasing either this Vero radio or a Kenwood or Yaesu Dual Band APRS mobile. I have a few concerns/questions about this nice looking Vero 6600PRO.
    1. The price….to spend that much money without having an easy way to get it repaired in the US is unsettling for me at this time..trying to keep open mind but for the same or a few dollars more I can get a comparable mobile with APRS in US and if I have warranty claim I will not have to deal with US Customs and the cost.

    2. The bluetooth…is it true it has bluetooth and if it does then what can one use it for if I want to connect it to my android device…just don’t say yes….please explain.

    3. The user interface seems a bit cumbersome…not as user friendly as a Kenwood….which I have owned 5 Dual Band Kenwood APRS Mobiles in the past.

    4. Does it have any Echolink Mode.. ie SYSOP, etc.

    Thank you for reading this. I am by no means trying to say anything bad about this radio. I am voicing my concerns and the process I go through when making a decision to buy a radio. I have owned several Kenwood Dual Band APRS radios and have a close friend who has a FTM-350 and FTM-400. I really appreciate the concerted effort Vero is making to reach out which is UNLIKE the other major manufacturers 🙂
    Thank you Mindy…I look forward to yours and others responses.

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