Other hobbies

Music. Main instruments: piano, keyboard and bass. Also: a bit of guitar (I still suck at that). I was born with perfect pitch. Nice when you quickly want to write down a song you hear on the radio, or tune an instrument without having to search for a tuner. There are drawbacks too…

This hobby is slumbering a bit, I didn’t play in bands for years. I own a Roland piano, a Kawai synthesizer, a fretted and fretless bass made by Bass Collection, plus a few guitars made by Gibson and Fender.

.  I rent boats as often as I can. Guess what’s in my hand…

I use Nikon, Pentax and Olympus DSLR cameras. Main subjects are portraits and dogs.

Eye of a child.

Dog hunting a bug.

8 comments on “Other hobbies

  1. Hello Hans,

    best wisches for 2013.

    one of my other hobbies is phoptography too. I’m curious to know to what Pentax camera you use and how it performs. I still own Pentax lenses and so i am planning on replacing my analog camara body for a new Pentax DLSR . I understand that Pentax lenses ure very good to use on new models.

    best wisches for 2013.


  2. Sir, in your shack, is that a CB on the left? About the Chinese Trx, is that gud enough? Thank you. Regards, Minto YC0KH

  3. hallo hans mooie foto,s aleen die van mellow mis ik hi ps ik kom zeker nog een keer bij je op bezoek Mellow ken je niet terug ze zit zo bij je op schoot mvg frank

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