My shack

Here are some pictures of my shack. As you probably can see, it’s a very small room. So small in fact, that I wasn’t able to make a picture that would cover it all, not even with my back against the wall. Clicking on a picture will show a larger version.

Shack PD0AC

Shack PD0AC

Shack PD0AC

I never felt the urge to sell something in order to replace it, which is the reason for all the classic equipment shown here. All of them still look and function as they were just taken out of the box.

19 comments on “My shack

  1. What a great collection. I have just started putting up some photos of my shack but nothing near like this, I guess we are all totally different in how we operate.

    At the moment I have more computers than I do radios, but I have been with the computer some 10-15 years and only a ham for less than one, so I guess I’ll just have to catch up.

    Thanks for the photos, they look great, I would love to see more close up shots of some of the radios (or a list of what they are), but what you have posted looks great, thanks.

    73, KI4WLR

  2. Hello Hans
    You have a vy nice collection there !
    I Have a collection of Collins 51S1 & 51J4 ,R-5000 and
    Nice to see another ham using GlobalQsl , you have designed a nice front design for your card , you won’t be dissapointed with GQ Service be sure .
    Shalom and i hope to log you someday and get your card via the GQ Service 🙂 73
    Eyran 4X4-2238 .

  3. Fantastic shack. As I am moving mine to another room, this gives me some great ideas. Isn’t Yeasu great?


  4. That’s a great collection!
    Is that a FT-101ZD in the first picture? I’d had one some time before.

    73’s from Istvan

  5. i have a ft-901
    so much a good picture .information
    now .i repair a ft-901
    now i live in choong -ju city from south korea
    i started a electronics and ham radio age of thirteen years old.
    i’m glade to meet you .
    have a nice night !

  6. what a load of old rubbish only scrap metal you have the only good set is your cb radio
    thanks for the good laugh

  7. hi Hans how it gong my friend.
    I like your web page good job hans keep up the good work.
    may god bless you in all ways 73″ hans from Joe kb6yyt.

  8. A very impressive radio shack! May I add that your web-site contains a wealth of technical information. Definitely a wonderful place to visit. The best of health, and God Bless!

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