Review – Pofung (Baofeng) UV-82HP

by John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU

Not just a Power Upgrade
The new UV-82HP is not just a power upgrade, but a combination of all major features of both the UV82 and UV5R series in one package.

82HPWhat’s in the Box
– The UV82HP
– Newer upgraded A-V85 Antenna
– 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion Battery
– Upright Charger and wall-wart
– Manual written in English
– Belt Clip
– Hand Strap

The radio sports all traditional features of the UV82 design, with the larger keypad buttons and the zero at the bottom of the number pad where it belongs, etc.  It also is built using the latest generation chipset.

– The frequency range is the full  136-174.99 MHz, 400-520.99 MHz range.
– VHF output on the test unit clocks in at 7.3W with UHF at 6.0W
– The Dual PTT button is now an option that can be turned off. Previously only available with the commercial version (UV82C)
– Live On-the-Air audio reports are exc
– Alpha tags can be added with the required software below.
– The receiver sensitivity is still excellent.

So, What makes this version an upgrade?
– The original UV82 took a traditional UV5R, and added design features such as an upgraded case and Dual PTT switch. (comparison)
– Next came the UV82C which included options to synchronize the Dual PTT function to emulate a Single PTT, and the ability to lock out the VFO to prevent accidental field programming.
– Next came the 8W F8HP, the first of the high power Baofengs.
– An expanded feature added is R-Tone, a repeater tone for those requiring a 1000, 1450, 1750 or 2000Hz audible tone for access. This is not to be confused with CTCSS or DCS. Prior models provided Burst for 1750Hz only.

The UV-82HP now includes all of the above features in one package. The PTT synchronizing, VFO lockout, High Power, R-Tone, and newest generation chipset.

It has kept the traditional UV82 case design to ensure compatibility between all existing options, including Dual PTT Spkr/Micr, battery cases, holsters, battery eliminators, etc.

Feature UV82HP UV82 UV82C F8HP UV5R
High Power  7-8W Yes Yes
Dual PTT Yes Yes Yes
Single PTT Sync Option Yes Yes
VFO Mode Disable Yes Yes
Repeater Access Tones
    1000, 1450, 1750, 2100Hz
Yes 1750Hz 1750Hz 1750Hz 1750Hz
As mentioned above, with software, the UV-82HP can lockout the VFO mode to prevent accidental changes.
The Factory Software has been added to the  Software section.  The radio has also now included in the Latest Daily Build of CHIRP.
Note: A programming cable is required to run the software. Acquiring a quality cable is highly recommended. You will spend more time using the radio and less time trying to load special backdated drivers to your PC. A generic cable is less expensive, but a cable with an FTDI chip is Plug ‘n Play.
The UV82HP allows locking the PTT Button to simulate a Single PTT and override the Dual PTT feature.
Software Note
As you may have expected, running the UV82HP software will not activate or create new features on an older UV-82/82C.
All of my accessories for the standard UV82 are compatible, including the Dual PTT speaker/micr. With the exception of the battery and charger, all UV5R accessories work as well.
You can always run this radio in low/mid power to conserve battery, but when you need the extra power, it’s there.It’s nice to see a true upgrade of features to the UV82 series, and not just a fancy case or the addition of extra letters and numbers to the UV82 label.
A Feature Comparison published between the standard UV82 and its predecessor can be found at UV82_vs_UV5R
A full in-depth Technical Review of the Original UV-82 was done by Hans last year.
More Information:  CHIRP,, Review, BaofengTech

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  2. The HP sauce model. I have always liked the UV-82 it has a clear well built feel, improvements are always welcome, but I just bought 2 pack of the old model for a touch more than £40 great VFM..

    • I search too for EU (I’m in France 🙂 ) now only Baofeng can expect this radio in EU, I sent information and I have this answer : can ship to France for $17 via First Class Mail.

      I hope we can buy soon on Amazon in EU (and on, from US the duty tax is so expensive for me…

  3. Anyone have an idea which, between the GT-3 Mark II Triple Power and the UV-82HP, is better?

    • Noticed that this has a full watt more of transmit power than the GT-3TP, but how’s the quality with the new chipset?

      • UV-82 is the better choice.
        i dont have a HP yet, but the original is far better than the GT-3.
        it feels better in the hand,
        it seems stronger,
        it has a better sound,
        best of all – dual-PTT.
        that’s not a toy, once you get used to being able to work 2 channels without constantly messing wih the A/B button you never want a single PTT radio again!

      • Ordered! Figured we needed a second radio for the house. The price point is too good to pass up and with the experiences I’ve had with the GT-3TP, I can’t see a reason not to purchase another Baofeng/Pofung radio.

      • I too have noticed the smaller antenna hole and as a result only one of my SMA to BNC adapters actually fit (with a nasty gap) and the other does not.

        I haven’t experienced the programming cable and/or the speaker mic not fitting properly with my unit. I am using the triple power version of the GT-3 — Perhaps a design change? The speaker mic fits perfectly snug and doesn’t slip out or cause the radio to key up randomly. I’ve only used the programming cable twice and haven’t experienced this issue either. The speaker/mic is Pofung’s that came with the radio and the cable was included in the bundle too (not sure of brand, but worked with Prolific drivers, no problems).

      • I’m a bit confused with the link you posted of the comparison — I thought the GT-3TP had different hardware than the UV5R? Same with the UV82 and UV82HP?

  4. The physical differences are the same. The UV5R and GT3 share the same size, battery, etc., as do the uv82 and uv82HP.
    Internally, the power levels differ,

    My personal preference is the 82HP.

  5. Hello

    For information, after read the review on this site, I found some informations…

    Mesure of max power :
    GT-3 TP Mk3 : VHF 6,3W ; UHF 5W
    GT-5 : VHF 5,2W ; UHF 4,1W

    UV-82 : VHF 5,3W ; UHF 3,9W
    UV-82HT : VHF 7,3W ; UHF 6W

    GT series is waterprouf and “design” Sainsonic
    UV Series have design is simple

    The GT-5 and UV-82 and UV-82HT have good idea of dual PTT, it’s better when we have multiple team (in evenmential is perfect).

    If you search better price, I found 2x GT-3 TP mk3 for 110€, 2x GT-5 for 80€, 2x UV-82 for 64€, and UV-82HT I don’t found the best price (expensive now… we need wait again for found less price).
    For me, UV-82HT is better now, but the price is not sweet…

  6. It’s too bad that there isn’t a larger battery available. At 8 Watts that battery will drain quickly.

  7. John,

    Did you kill Hans so you could take over his blog? Is that why he hasn’t been around lately?

    • Actually, I haven’t heard from him in about a month.
      I know last year he disappeared for a couple months to take care of some family business.

      I’m just keeping his seat warm…

  8. Helo.

    Can someone help me? I am using tis radio and i love it but sometimes i got this warning “Transmit over time” even if i am not transmitting (as i know). Is it could be some interference or the PTT button got pushed in the radio pouch? I an confused because nobody said that i am transmitting. And they could use the channel.

  9. That was going to be my guess.
    If the pouch is too tight, it could press the PTT.
    I’ve had that happen when I sit and squeeze the radio against a chair.

  10. Hi there, newbie here and very radio naiive. I have a Baofeng UV 82 which has a constant pulsing sound, occurring about 30 times a minute. The radio can be on for a few minutes and remain quiet but then starts the annoying pulse once it transmits or receives. FWIW, the “SAVE” is in “off” and “ABR” is on “5”. Any help?

  11. @Paul, @John. I have interference as a cycling 3 tone pulse at roughly 250, 350, and 500 hz over a 2 second period. But not all of the time, and in noisy and quiet areas, day and night, city and country. When audible the unit is unusable. Have hiked far into no-where-land, and again, sometime it’s there and sometimes not. (???) All settings appear to be correct. But this was an Amazon Prime special soooo…! Have attempted to narrow problem cause due to commercial repeaters, powerlines, my car etc but to no avail. Sign me Frustrated. Unit is82hp

  12. It sounds like you’re on the right track with the commercial repeaters, pagers, signaling, etc
    I’m drawing a blank from this end.

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