I’m just one of the many radio amateurs in the world and live in Almere, the Netherlands. I started building transmitters at the age of 8 and this hobby stayed with me ever since. I love to use and maintain classic equipment such as the FT-901, the FT-7B and the FT-225RD.

Currently most of my spare time is spent on acquiring and reviewing the latest radios from Chinese origin.

Common monitor frequencies:

  • 144.5125 (simplex FM)
  • 145.6625 (PI3ZDM repeater, -600KHz shift)
  • 430.2875 (PI2FLD repeater, +1.6MHz shift)
  • 14.178 MHz, USB
  • 28.520 MHz, all modes


Hans / PD0AC

Note: I maintain this blog in English.  Please bear in mind that English is not my native language, so mistakes are inevitable. Comments on spelling and/or grammar are always welcome. I’m willing to learn.

20 comments on “About

  1. hi Hans

    Gaan dit goet . ek is tans besig met my sertifesing vir my amatuer lisensie en roep sein.

    Hi Hans – currently busy trying to get certified and legal to be able talk on the airwaves.
    Hope you can help- Im looking for some direction on what equipment to go for and where to get it – im finding it difficult this side to get good equipment at a good price.

    I already completed a Electronic transmitter and will be doing a on air procedural test on Tuesday and will write my exam in october.

    Dankie by voorbaat

  2. `Hi OM,
    Nice site, I noticed that your kind of humor is’nt changed over the years.
    It’s nice to be back in Hamland again.
    73, PE1ORR

  3. Han’s: Your English is better than most Americans! I like your humor… kinda off the wall, not boring. Enjoyed the visit.


  4. Hello Hans,

    Nice “Blog”. This reminds me of my younger years hi.. hi. I was born in Loosduinen, by Den Haag, and started in radio when I was 9 years old. My first radio, dare I say, was a “Soap box” with a Cat-Whisker detector. My second one was a 1 tube (DL92) receiver from Maxwell with a 402 coil.

    We immigrated to Canada in 1970 and have been living here ever since. My call sign is VE3DWI / VA3DWI and K8DWI. In Holland I had the call PA0MIH which I don’t have anymore. Can you tell me what happened with the PA0 calls? I understand that they are not issued anymore. You can find my ugly face on QRZ.com. I started in Canada with Heathkit equipment, Yaesu FT101ZD, Kenwood TS850SAT and now I am the proud owner of a Ten-Tec Orion-II with a Kenwood TS440-SAT as a standby rig.

    Love the pics of your shack. 73 es gd DX. Tony Lelieveld VE3DWI

    • Hi Tony,

      PA0 as prefix has a protected status now, on historical grounds. A few old PA0 stations had a great influence on this hobby, and they didn’t want to re-assign those call signs.

      Hope to meet you on the bands!


      • Thanks for the reply Hans. That explains why the PA0 calls are not issued anymore.
        73, Tony VE3DWI.

  5. Hooi Hans,

    Thanks for your review and a professional site.Very useful as I am just downsizing from a clunky old six pack of motorola GP340s which I used when operating under UK PMR. Will also listen out for you on 14.178MHz. I use a RU20. Groeten. John M0JMA

  6. Please take the pictures of your rig down. I don’t look good in green! Seriously, I was a General Class back in the 60’s. Let my license expire. 😦 I am getting back in now, but not re-licensed yet. Much easier at 25 than 75! Your English is excellent and you, like many hams, perform an outstanding service to the amateur radio community. Thank you from all of us.
    Bill Costello, Chicago, USA

  7. Hi Hans,
    I live in Almere too, just moved here back in August, today I apply for the Dutch Call Sign so I can bring my station and start going on air from here as well.
    Hope to get you on air soon,

    73 Giuseppe

  8. Hans,

    I really enjoy your blog. I have to agree with most of the comments that your English is great and your humor is spot on.

    I really like that you hook most of the radios up to your Service Monitor when doing reviews. I prefer your equipment reviews over most other sites.

    Chris Andrist, KC7WSU
    Saratoga Springs, Utah, United States

  9. Hallo Hans,

    Ik heb dankbaar gebruik gemaakt van jouw DMR file voor de CS700 portofoon.
    Deze heb ik ondertussen aangevuld met nieuwe roepletters in de call-lijst.

    Wil je deze hebben voor aanpassen/aanvullen en eventueel op jouw site te plaatsen?

    Wim Pa3asw

  10. As a first time visitor to your blog I’ve paid you the highest complement… Yes, you’ve been added to my favorites list.

    John Richards – KD8YTS

  11. Hello Friend,
    I started to read your blog before two month. its very nice. Still i don’t have the ham license. I am waiting for it. I bought Baofeng B5 after reading your review. its nice radio and thank you very much for doing this thing. Keep it up… Best wishes ….. ! …… සුභ පැතුම්……

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