CHIRP Support now available for the new Anytone 8R series

By John ‘Miklor’ K3NXU

CHIRP, software that now supports over 80 different models of transceivers, isCHIRPlogo now providing basic support for the two newest models of the Anytone series, the TERMN-8R and the OBLTR-8R.  CHIRP’s Latest Daily Build can be found HERE.

The advantage of the basic settings is the “spreadsheet memory editor” which will allow owners to:
– import channels from a *.CSV file
– import channels from an *.img filexTERMN-LG
– copy-and-paste the stock config file
– load from external sources like RepeaterBook and RadioReference.

That is a BIG step and additional settings will be added in small groups.

Development of CHIRP is an all-volunteer effort and is offered as open-source software, free of charge. If you like CHIRP, please consider contributing a small donation to help support the costs of development and hardware.

More Information:  CHIRP,



14 comments on “CHIRP Support now available for the new Anytone 8R series

  1. Any chance of getting chirp to support the anytone 3318 HT series that import communications sells?

    • It appears from the CHIRP website that no one has ever loaned them radios to reverse engineer.
      As you may already be aware, there are 3 different versions of the 3318-A, as well as a model D and E, all requiring different software.

  2. Support for the NSTIG-8R would be nice too. No CHIRP support makes me hesitant to buy one. AnyTone should just give one to the guy who makes CHIRP.

  3. Well, there haven’t been any updates on here in a long time. I’d say it’s safe to assume that Hans passed away.

  4. How could that possibly be safe to say? Could be on vacation. Or had some other life event that would keep him from posting. Geez. Heck, he could have lost the password to the blog!

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