Yaesu FT-991 reviews on eHam.net: gone.

Update: forget about this: there’s a duplicate eHam review link: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/12025

Text below left here for archive purposes.

Now that’s weird: just a few weeks ago or so there were a number of Yaesu FT-991 reviews on eHam.net. These weren’t all favorable — many owners complained about the radio sounding really bad on AM, giving the radio a 2 out of 5. Also a bit strange: the last time I scrolled through the reviews, nobody mentioned C4FM (System Fusion). It was as if nobody tried it, or even noticed C4FM was there.

FT-991I can only guess what’s going on here. False reviews from Yaesu haters? Made-up reviews from people who never ever touched the radio? If so, eHam.net did the right thing – get rid of them all.

(Thanks to Joop PA9JOO for pointing this out)

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  1. You sorta need a system fusion repeater to use c4fm or at least another c4fm radio. Also the radio has none of the c4fm features like image and data transfer that their much cheeper vhf/uhf rig and ht have

  2. And so one of the two new reviews is by someone (KT0DD) that didn’t even buy one. Why review something you don’t even own? “I tried one of these out at a dealership.” Really? Kind of like me reviewing a new BMW never having owned or driven one. “It’s a lousy car because they look bad in yellow” Sheeezzzz…

  3. “I can only guess what’s going on here. False reviews from Yaesu haters? Made-up reviews from people who never ever touched the radio? If so, eHam.net did the right thing – get rid of them all.”

    Hans, you are optimistic. Having worked a in publishing – both online and print, I can pretty much tell you how it goes: manufacturer contacts website owner and tries to get bad reviews taken down, using pretty much all the tools they have at hand: trying to convince it’s not true and affects the website image by displaying false info, threatening to cease advertising contract or take the website out of sample product loop, putting pressure on other partners or even threatening to sue. Some, crack, some don’t, some don’t even care or even play nice for the manufacturer hoping to get some rewards (and sometimes these get some leftovers to chew just because they played nice, but the manufacturer will never respect them or their position).


  4. The complaints about poor AM operation crack me up. On the one hand, who cares about Ancient Modulation. On the other hand, Yaesu, you couldn’t get it right?

  5. Has no one contacted the amateurs who presumably posted their (now deleted) eham reviews of the FT-991?

    Are we to assume that they made false claims–positive or negative as the case may be–in order to satisfy some ulterior motive by person or persons unknown.

    Quite frankly, this is the first time I have seen an eham product review disappear with no credible explanation, so are we therefore to presume that all such reviews in future are to be treated as suspect?

    Please, is there ANYONE in actual possession of an FT-991 who can post their hands-on opinion of this long-awaited rig on a website everyone can trust, or is that asking too much in this day and age of rampant cynicism?

  6. As someone who OWNS the radio, I can say that overall Yaesu did a pretty good job on it, but missed a few features.

    1. with that big color display you will NOT be displaying any pictures sent from the FT1DR or the FTM-400. Is this a big deal? Not really. The camera is on the top of the mic (who thought of putting it there?) and thankfully it takes a few steps to send a picture, otherwise I can only imagine the “junk” dialing that would occur. (think about where you hold your mic when you are not talking into it and you get the picture, err hopefully you won’t)

    2. Split tone mode. This has been a standard feature for quite some time that allows you to use DCS in and Tone out (great for eliminating the Baofang bandits. I have contacted Yaesu and they are looking into it.

    3. Currently no software to upload memories, according to RT systems its going to be really difficult…

    Now the Positives:

    Filtering on HF is AMAZING! The roofing filters do a great job!

    The Radio is QUIET. It doesn’t generate much noise on the bands at all so its a pleasure sit and listen to.

    C4FM mode – Narrow and Voice wide work very well!!

  7. HI Guys i bought a ft991 had it on my bench 7days its now back in the work shop .Was losing my audio when shifting from memory mode to VFO mode.I believe the radio is still a great rig but has a bug some were in its firmware .I would now be waiting till this rig has had more field testing before i looked at it now.

  8. I’m unsure to what this site is referring. I just looked up Yaesu FT-991 reviews and right away found the eHam reviews. And many of them were quite negative. I believe most of these reviews to be genuine with many of them coming from Australian hams that have apparently have experienced numerous problems, particularly with the firmware. According to one post, an Australian ham radio dealer reported having four out of five sold returned for problems.
    I was considering purchasing one of these as an upgrade to my FT-897 but I believe I’ll hold off until I’m certain Yaesu has worked out all the bugs.

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