Baofeng Tech teaser unveiled

From the moment Baofeng Tech posted their teaser, I’ve been in contact with Todd, Managing Director of Baofeng Tech and now Anytone Tech.

Basically I’ve known all along what was going on, but promised not to publish or share any information before a certain date: February 23, 00.00 UTC. It’s common practice to sign an NDA in such a case, which I did, and something I will always honor to the letter.

Anytone Tech

Over the course of some e-mails Todd explained what will change and why.

There are some changes coming. Although we do not have intentions of quitting Baofeng, we are moving to partner with another manufacturer closer. I believe you are familiar about them and have posted about them before – their name is ‘AnyTone’. AnyTone has a much larger R&D lab and we already have four models lined up with many modifications we proposed.

So on this note – we are not abandoning Baofeng, but instead are pursuing bringing higher class but affordable models to the market.  I hope you will not be upset over this transition – and we have some more details to follow.

During our work with AnyTone we have insured that chip sets cannot be replicated in different cases across US import (we have not negotiated on European markets yet, but will once we solve the logistics.) This not only protects vendors promoting the radios, but also the consumers from confusion. The long story short – a different case will always mean a truly different radio and not just a replication of a two-year old radio.

Two models will be dual certified for USA Part 95 and Part 90, they will have a MURS and a GMRS mode for use (Kenwood made a 90/95 model), but these will be the first models to have 90/95 and amateur usage, making it the most legal flexible radios. These features are mainly for North American users; if you follow prepper (aka survival) blogs this is one of the most heated debates for using Baofeng radios.

  • Two radios will have upgradeable firmware – a win for all,
  • Two radios will have NOAA weather alerts – a feature for USA customers,
  • Two radios are IP53 certified and they were production units, not modified samples for the lab,  and rated weatherproof rather than water resistant,
  • One radio will be able to cross-band repeat and be a full duplex unit,
  • Co-operation with the developers of CHIRP.

Click here for the models Todd is talking about.

 MODEL The “Annihilator” The “Instigator” The “Obliterator” The “Terminator”
  ANILE-8R (single band) NSTIG-8R OBLTR-8R TERMN-8R
Power Output (watts) 1, 5 1, 5 1, 2, 5 1, 2, 5
Wide Band / Narrow Band 25KHz / 12.5KHz 25KHz / 12.5KHz 25KHz / 12.5KHz 25KHz / 12.5KHz
Speaker 1 watt (1000mw) 1 watt (1000mw) 1 watt (1000mw) 1 watt (1000mw)
Channels 16 Channel 200 Channel 200 Channel 200 Channel
Battery 1300 mAH 1800 mAH 2200 mAH 2200 mAH
Stun Kill Feature YES YES YES YES
Call Tones        
2 Tone / 5 Tone     YES YES
Pager Function (2 Tone Page)     YES YES
MSG (Private MSG) – 5TONE     YES YES
MSG (Private MSG) – MSK       YES
MSK       YES
TX /RX        
400-480 (Expand to 520) YES YES YES YES
FHSS (Frequency Hop)       YES
AM       YES
SW: 2.3-30MHZ       YES
MW: 0.52-1.71Mhz       YES
Transmit / Receive Style        
Single YES      
Dual Standby   YES YES  
Dual Receive       YES
Part 95     YES YES
Channel Options        
16 Channel YES      
200 Channel   YES YES YES
Memory Banks     YES YES
2 Group VFO     YES YES
Scan Options        
Channel Scan YES YES YES YES
Frequency Scan   YES YES YES
Channel Skip on Scan (Select by Display)   YES YES YES
Normal / Fast Scan     YES YES
Priority Scan YES( set by programming software)      
Additional Modes        
Work Mode: Disable Menus / Frequency by Software YES YES YES YES
NOAA Weather with Alert: 7 pre-programmed NOAA channels, monitor or set for alert (monitor in background while on frequency)     YES YES
MURS MODE – 5 pre-programmed channels. User can only modify CTCSS, DCS (tones)     YES YES
GMRS MODE – 15 pre-programmed simplex GMRS channels, 8 pre-programmed repeater (duplex) GMRS channels. User can only modify CTCSS, DCS (tones)     YES YES
Additional Features        
Flashlight YES YES    
Secondary Knob     YES YES
Squelch (Carrier/ Tone) YES YES YES YES
Squelch Tail Elimination (Program Select 120/180/24) YES YES YES YES
Talk Around Function YES YES YES YES
Reverse Function (Repeater)   YES YES YES
Programmable Side Keys YES YES YES YES
Dual PTT (programmable)   YES YES YES
Black Side Buttons YES YES YES  
Orange Side Buttons       YES
Cross-Band Repeater       YES




60 comments on “Baofeng Tech teaser unveiled

    • Don’t worry about approval — after all, the FCC approved the BaoFeng UV-5R that didn’t even pretend to comply with 95.645 (well, actually, I guess I shouldn’t say it didn’t even pretend to comply because that is exactly what the manufacturer did, BaoFeng put a statement in their paperwork SAYING it complied with all the rules, and the FCC just took their word for it without bothering to read the User Manual that BaoFeng submitted with the application).

      In this case, Anytone has a dodge that just might be legit to the FCC people who review applications. Apparently some models will be capable of being put into a locked mode where it would comply — of course it is just as easy to put it into Part 90 mode and just program all the GMRS and MURS frequencies.

  1. Yawn.. I thought something really exciting was happening. But no, more of the same ol.. Oh well, back to more important issues.

      • They will be probably not show until some point on Monday or Tuesday… the FCC allows the grantee to prevent public disclosure of equipment authorizations before a set date as a matter of preserving trade secret and preventing pre-announcement leaks. This is pretty standard.

  2. The pre-programming of GMRS and MURS might be helpful to those who find it challenging inputting the frequencies either manually or via USB . The thrust is obviously to boost marketing of these radios beyond hams.

    Dorian VE3YNG

  3. Yawn. If they were really paying attention then we’d see either an HF radio or a digital radio. Just because preppers debate over legality issues does not mean there is a demand for such a radio.

    Overall, it’s a letdown.

  4. Impressive; and an interesting evolution. There certainly are application possibilities in my neck of the woods. I’ll be watching these new models with anticipation.

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  6. Well, only the Terminator is of any interest, and that’s because of its SW RX, but they’ll need to be cheap. Some manufacturers use Anyclone stuff to produce cheap stuff and sell it at retail cheaply. Some try to get it cheap and use their name to keep the price at Japanese (insert quality controlled factory) built stuff.

    Are you listening President?

    If they could develop a decent cheap 11m handset, there’d be a market for it in Europe.

    The “Annihilator” The “Instigator” The “Obliterator” The “Terminator”

    Hasta la vista, baby!

  7. I don’t understand why they still have such a small number of channels. ¿Why is so difficult to store 999 or more?

    • Why do you want 8 watts? With the -6 db antenna, the ERP is only 2 watts, while a five watt radio has an ERP of 1.25 watts. Not enough difference to worry about.

  8. So, after all this it was about BaoFeng Tech starting to sell AnyTone radios and not about a new BaoFeng radio at all. I’m disappointed…

  9. Please ensure that any intended for the UK don’t have GMRS channels pre-defined, UK fire depts use some of the same frequencies. A recipe for disaster!

  10. i want to see a hand held qrp rig (1 to 3 watts) for the top major hf bands 80,40, 20, 10 all mode including am “because to many rig manufactures omit this mode”. and with selected transverters to fill in the blanks of hf amateur bands. with that known, to make it easier to run the transverters within the band limits. the unit could have these portions segmented for transmit only in the firmware, with each just being a button push or plug and play away. but allow the transverters general receive within the limits of the transverters capabilities. and i’ve heard the argument, like the baofeng everyone would be getting their hands on them and making another cb band. well we all know how to eliminate that. sell only to licensed hams. even if theirs no law against the sell. be selective in selling such goods.

    • I have never understood the desire for an HF handheld. Once you connect a suitable antenna, it is no longer portable, especially on the lower bands. It just becomes a compact fixed station. Even CB handhelds at 27 MHz are pretty worthless because the “portable” antennas are inefficient. Just my two cents.

  11. Legally talk on MURs, GMRS ,business and amateur bands in one radio? That IS a game changer, a veritable spork of a radio. But let see if the authorization says 95A, 95J, 90 and 97. If it is priced under 2 or 3 times a bubble pack, I’m there.

  12. The vast majority of preppers (within the U.S. at least) will be more than a little disappointed with these radios once the word gets out that their power levels on GMRS and MURS are locked down at lower levels than they can already get using what’s probably a cheaper radio – the UV-5R.

    If a prepper isn’t worried about using a non Part 90 accepted radio now, I doubt they’ll be doing back flips to buy a more expensive, lower powered AnyTone version that allows legal use (but at far lower power levels that they can’t change).

    • I agree. The UV-5R already does this, and if you lock the radio with the software, it’s virtually compliant anyway. Power levels on GMRS aren’t an issue, as 5W is allowed. It’s MURS that has a limit of 2W. But, realistically, what problems could be caused by using 5W on MURS? Boaters have been using the UV-5R for marine VHF for years now. Type-acceptance is one thing, but “certification” isn’t the big deal that hams seem to believe it is for most (non-ham) people.

      A few hams might be tempted to get “legal” (repeater-capable) GMRS radios, but (as others have pointed out) the HT market is saturated. There aren’t all that many GMRS repeaters anyway, compared to amateur UHF. And it only exists in the U.S.
      it’s a pretty limited potential market

  13. These sound like great radios, just what our 4X4 club is looking for. I’m looking forward to the in-depth review

    • no, they are NOT baofengs, this is some fly by night US radio distributor named “Baofeng tech” switching chinese vendors for a more expensive/better margins one.

  14. I got pretty excited at first thinking it’d be a really neat way to have a portable HF receiver, even though there’s lots of limitations there around antenna sized etc etc…. but AM only? No SSB? Besides commercial broadcast AM radio stations, what AM is really used on HF? That’s a real shame on that spec.

  15. And we STILL can’t upgrade the firmware ourselves. We’d have to send it back to the factory. I’d guess to avoid firmware hacks like adding FRS and a high power GMRS setting.

    • I think the real reason is they are probably still use a one-time programmable microprocessor and they plan to make money replacing them.

  16. Most interesting (so far) is Page 104 of the manual, which no doubt will cause them some sales issues I’m sure.

  17. Since these radios have been closely copied from existing Anytone units, if you need (want) 2m/220/440 capability, Anytone already makes a tri-band radio that fits that bill nicely (with aircraft receive and FHSS as well). Check out this link if you want to know more:

    As to the accessories, I doubt the batteries from any existing Baofeng radio will fit, as the case design looks too different to me (but I wouldn’t mind being wrong on that issue either). If the new Anytone Tech radio’s FHSS works the same way as the existing Anytone tri-band handheld, I’m not so sure most folks will find it that appealing, but since each user’s needs are different, perhaps it will work for you.

    In any case, I think most Baofeng user’s will fall over when the see the probable pricing on these new units. They will be no where near the <$60 price point most have long been accustomed to, the high end unit will probably be three times that amount (again, I would not mind being wrong on that either, but it does seem surprising that Baofeng Tech has yet to release any pricing on these units so far – after all the hype).

  18. I prefer my Anytone 3318-E model, I have 2 meters, 440, and 220, all in a nice compact radio that works amazingly well on all bands. I think this is just a 3318 E model with 220 mhz removed and the stuck GMRS and MURS into it. Other than a triple power level of 1,2 and 5 watts, and a different case I believe it’s the same radio with GMRS added. I’ll keep my 3318 E model. I don’t see anything ” Revolutionary” about these new models. Perhaps if they followed Connect Systems and put in all digital modes as well as analog, and made it a quad band transmit radio I might pick one up…..This reminds me of the zillion and one Baofeng models, each one being touted at the best thing since sliced bread but all are built on a UV5R main board with changes in firmware….

  19. I’d like an external analog squelch please. What good is SW/MW receive without <1khz step and an FM receiver? So much fluff. I hope the price isn't much more than the current Baofengs!

  20. Well, their AT-3318UV-D is priced at 150$.
    My old and reliable Yaesu FT-60 sells now for 10$ less. Guess which one I would choose – or suggest?
    I can’t see no appeal in those new radios if the price remains in this range.
    SW and LW (no MW!) reception, far from being a plus, is a joke. Whoever proposes LW reception with a 30cm long antenna has no idea of radio, period.
    Cheap chinese HT are sexy because they are cheap, it’s as simple as that. I don’t see a bright future for those new entries. Preppers, perhaps? I guess they are aware that the “classic” Baofeng is more than enough – and much cheaper.

  21. For me the revolutionary part will be type 95a AND 95j and ham frequencies in the same box. (not to mention business band which I won’t need…now) What other HT cheap or otherwise can do this? In fact what other radio legally TXs on those bands?

  22. Good luck on that quest, Bob. I’ve been trying to get just one Chinese company (TYT) to understand that it’s “200 memories” not “200 momeries” on their marketing materials and product boxes for at least 18 months – all to no avail.

    They seem to do what they want, when they want, with little regard on how just a few small changes would greatly increase their brand acceptance within the U.S. market.

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  24. I am in a volunteer fire department and volunteer EMS. Will this new radio have paging capabilities? In other word can I silent it until the tones go off?

    • I’d imagine that would be a combination of the CTCSS / DCS / DTMF / ANI tone features and squelch.

    • Joe,

      Several radios are already available that support 2T/5T paging, including existing models from TYT and Anytone (I happen to use a TYT TH-UVF9 that supports that, but there are other models like the TH-UVF1 as well). I think you’ll find that the vast majority of features on the “new” AnyTech radios are simply re-worked AnyTone models that are already in the marketplace.

  25. So it seems that the main nay-sayer around here is Craig… Who happens to be Craig Carnahan another radio vendor – incidentally with competing interests…. Guess I know whose comments to disregard

    • Faith,

      I use (and sell) many different brands of communication products, all the way from the el-cheapo FRS class kiddie radios to Motorola encrypted products to the feds.
      So instead of being pinned down to just one brand, we see lots of other products from a wide variety of vendors and price points, giving us a better perspective of what’s really out there for our U.S. customers.

      I have some Baofeng Tech BF-F8HP radios sitting here at the office as we speak, and anyone can sell them (or eventually the AnyTech models once they receive FCC approval) either by simply contacting the company (the invitation to do so is right on their Baofeng Tech website) or by waiting until Baofeng or Anytone starts shipping another version of the same product (the BF-F9V2+ radio is virtually identical to the higher priced BF-F8HP, but the BF-F8HP does ship with a better $3.00 antenna). Or we can chose to sell the original AnyTone models that the “new” AnyTech units are being copied from – that’s a choice we can make.

      That’s simply the way Chinese vendors work. One individual (or company) convinces them (by ordering a large amount of one model radio) to built one to their “specs” with a promise from the manufacturer that they won’t sell “that” model to anyone else (for a while). “If” the interest remains high, that eventually causes other sellers to call and ask for a similar model to be built, so the Chinese manufacturer tweaks a case design, adds, omits or changes some easy feature or function, and “voila” a NEW radio is released into the market. That’s exactly what happened with the Baofeng BF-F8HP to BF-F9V2+ models, and what is currently happening with various existing AnyTone to AnyTech models.

      You are free to ignore any information provided, but most folks (especially folks new to the hobby or new to purchasing these types of products) appreciate the additional information that alerts them to this relatively new trend in the Chinese communication world of simply re-badging essentially the same product (think Chevy truck vs. GMC or Dodge vs. Chrysler – they are essentially the same vehicles with different name plates or badges placed on them as they roll off the assembly line).

      I’m sure we’ll see many Chinese vendors at the IWCE show later this month in Las Vegas, NV – all asking if we’d consider adding their radios to our product line. We’ll no doubt add some, but not all, since how many different models/vendors do you really need to fill one particular need? I think 3 or 4 is plenty, so unless that new vendor’s product really does do something unique we’ll probably pass on actively carrying their product (but we may chose to offer it as a special order instead), but let me know if you want 25 or more of 1 model and we’ll consider a special order just for you on whatever you like, ok? Cheers.

  26. Hi,
    just fyi regarding the Baofeng UV-B5/9 > sorry if a bit off topic but hope that it will help…
    Today I found very nice cheap neoprene soft pouch for UV-B5/6 in local schop. Se here

    Not so many words needed. Just comment:
    The radio fits inside the pouch very tight.
    You need to push radio from bottom to remove it a lot but
    it is in my opinion very good as it is impossible to fall out when
    its attached using strap and/or shackle to belt or neck or so…

    It is not “perfect as there is no window for LCD and keyboard
    but I like it. I paid $4.50 for set with pouch+strap+shackle as
    You can see on pics.

    If someone is interresting in it also then drop me an email off-list.
    I can go back to shop (close to my favourable daily lunch place)
    and I can buy more of them. No gain, no margin just help to group.
    I believe that the shipping will be low as it is easy to send it in bubble wrap
    envelope and it is lightweight. (I propose $2 or so) so total around $6.50-$7.

    Camoflauged color available only if I remember well.

    73 – Petr, OK1RP

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