SainSonic RST599

It might be a little bit weird looking dual-band radio, but at least it’s not one of the many UV-5R clones. With 240 memory positions, scramble, three power settings, IP66 classification (dust- and waterproof to some extent) and a seven-color display this model clearly wants to impress us. In other specs (see below) I smell a hint of options normally found on Yaesu radios.

Will it crush everything else on the market? The manufacturer dropped one in the mail for me to review, but it’s far from certain that the sample will arrive before the end of this year.

SainSonic RST599

SainSonic RST599-2

Specifications (preliminary)

Dual band, dual-display, dual standby
Frequency range: 136-174 MHz / 400-520 MHz
240 memory channels
Power output: 1, 3 or 5 Watts
Narrow / wide bandwidth selectable
Automatic repeater offset (ARS)
Priority channel
Password protected
Seven back light colors, RX/TX selectable (green, yellow, cyan, white, blue, purple, red)
Date and time
Alarm clock
Automatic shut-down (APO)
FM-Radio (66 MHz – 108 MHz)
Selective calling, 2/5 tone
Stun, Kill & Revive by using a DTMF sequence
‘Man Down’ function
LED Flashlight
IP66 water- and dust proof

Expected price point: $60.00

26 comments on “SainSonic RST599

  1. too bad it has the same stupid key layout as the uv-5r with the zero on the right instead of along the bottom like the uv-82
    be interesting to see the price when it’s actually on sale.

  2. 260 memories is certainly an improvement for amateurs, though still a bit below “yaesu-like”. I’d like to see the number of characters per label quotes more often as a spec. The thing that makes me feel most “constrained” about the chinese radios is 128 memories and 6 character labels.

    • lack of memory is a very big problem on cheap radio’s
      if i had the money i’d buy the wouxon UV8D smiply for the 1000 memory’s

      i dont understand, the zastone radios(baofeng etc) use a 24c64 eeprom for storage, but a 24c1024 is a pin-compatable chip with 16 times the space and only a couple of cents higher in price.

      if these radio’s could be flashed we could even upgrade the memory ourselves.

  3. I’d love to know who the manufacturer for this is, as Sain Sonic doesn’t actually make anything themselves.

    BTW I always laugh when I see ‘Stun, Kill & Revive’ on the feature list…

    • i would like to see one with “stun / kill” using an integrated stungun.
      you can get that stuff combined with a flashlight, so why not a radio?

  4. it just occurs to me, that this radio will need software.
    does anybody know a homepage for this brand/radio?

    if i buy a baofeng i know they have a website – a crap one, but it’s there.
    and there is chirp and a few non-free programs.

    but this radio – it wouldnt buy one if all i had was a cd in the box – presuming you even get that!

  5. Does anyone know what the scramble feature is all about please let me know. as For Dale Brown Ve3EDB sells to Canada if you want one. the stores here like radio world and durham radio don’t carry them. Ve3JXT

  6. Scrambler, the device has not! (I have so which got yesterday)
    and 1750 Hz can not feel their only program for 1-5 sec.
    Then it tinkles always !!!


  7. We just ordered from Radioddity. No voice scrambler as advertised. We have sent them an email regarding this issue since we needed a radio with voice scrambler for our company. I would not purchase this radio at this time. Is not user friendly and the owners manual mentions the voice scrambler function. It provides no further information. Very disappointed at this time.

  8. hello,
    i am french and i speak very bad English.
    Have you software for sainsonic rst 599, because impossible download sur website sainsonic???????????
    thank you very much for your réponse.

    Frank magliocco

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