Yaesu FT-991 User Manual (PDF)

Get a first glimpse of the Yaesu FT-991 by downloading the operating manual from this blog (see links below). The user manual is divided into 2 separate files.

FT-991 Manual

User Manual Yaesu FT-991 Part 1

User Manual Yaesu FT-991 Part 2


8 comments on “Yaesu FT-991 User Manual (PDF)

    • UI-View is your friend, althonits orig UK Ham author is now deceased.
      It features in UK White Paper on APRS & AX.25.

      The only issue may be finding a ver. of Windows to run it well on… Eg, XP or maybe Win 2000.?

      We once proposed using it to track volunteer first responders and/or their vehicles, since it showed all venicles on same map.

  1. I have a friend who is both Amateur and CB radio enthusiast, but CB first and foremost because it is where his background is from.

    Every time Yaesu bring out top of the line units, he likes nothing better than to go to a large Hamfest and ask a well known dealer, ‘So, how good is the performance on 11 metres?’.

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