Yaesu FT-991 reviews on eHam.net: gone.

Update: forget about this: there’s a duplicate eHam review link: http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/12025

Text below left here for archive purposes.

Now that’s weird: just a few weeks ago or so there were a number of Yaesu FT-991 reviews on eHam.net. These weren’t all favorable — many owners complained about the radio sounding really bad on AM, giving the radio a 2 out of 5. Also a bit strange: the last time I scrolled through the reviews, nobody mentioned C4FM (System Fusion). It was as if nobody tried it, or even noticed C4FM was there.

FT-991I can only guess what’s going on here. False reviews from Yaesu haters? Made-up reviews from people who never ever touched the radio? If so, eHam.net did the right thing – get rid of them all.

(Thanks to Joop PA9JOO for pointing this out)