Introducing a new author: John K3NXU

Most people know John K3NXU well as the busy bee who maintains Starting today, John will be an author here too.

We have a long history of exchanging information behind the scenes, but in an informal way. No surprise here; our websites have a lot in common. We started to exchange more and more e-mails lately, talked to each other on the phone and concluded that a more official cooperation would be the next logical step.

So, there we are: and are ‘tying the knot’. We hope (and expect) that this will benefit our readers. John’s first article, his take on the Anytone TERMN-8R, will be published later today.


4 comments on “Introducing a new author: John K3NXU

  1. Hi John and welcome. I’ve read some of your sites. Thanks for the t-match class! 73’s KD8OCU.

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