HF rigs act weird during the weekends

My HF rigs act weird during the weekends. In some mysterious way both my Kenwood TS-570DG and Yaesu FT-920 are suddenly way more sensitive than normal. I hear stations I never heard before, for no apparent reason at all.

“Well, more sensitive, that’s a good thing” you might say. Unfortunately there’s a con too: my SSB filters suddenly fail miserably. It proves to be impossible for my receivers to separate a number of stations; some of them are up to 25 KHz(!) wide and a few are causing horrible crackling noises way beyond those 25 KHz.

ft-920Weird. Only during the weekends. While there are contests going on. Just a coincidence?

“Clearing The Frequency”
Not really. While 99% of the contest stations won’t mess up my receivers is any way, there are a few who do – sometimes on purpose. “Clearing the frequency” one station called it, while laughing. It’s a practice often done just before a contest begins. Just make your linear amplifier non-linear by overloading it in some way, and combine this with a really dirty sound compressor set to max.

Linearity is a desirable property, the station argued, but it comes at the cost of reduced efficiency when clearing a frequency. I’m glad we’re talking about a very small minority here, but it’s still annoying to say the least.


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  1. Hi Hans sometimes it is difficult to put your finger on it with propagation sun spots
    and several other great helpers but it sounds like you are getting some top conditions
    73 Rod

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