Puxing PX-UV973 – Cross-band Repeat HT

I’ve got more than one question about cross-band capabilities in a hand held during the years I run this blog. There weren’t any – at least no affordable ones. Puxing now has one on offer: the PX-UV973.

px-uv973The first ham radio operator looking into this radio is John KD8DVR. No substantial test data yet, but he writes:

“YES, it does have cross-band repeater capability!  It will take the frequency received in either the A or B display, and retransmit on the frequency programmed in the opposite frequency. YES, this radio has TRUE dual band capability! You can hear two conversations simultaneously.”


“The programming software allows only TWO frequency ranges.. the full VHF or UHF coverage, and a weird partial coverage of the 2 meter and 70cm bands….   144-146 and 430-440 MHz… odd..”

Not odd at all for us European hams of course; this is the legal frequency range here. Nice touch.

Now the one million dollar question: did Puxing FINALLY fix the bassy – muffled – deprived-of-highs TX audio? I guess we’ll know soon. The PX-UV973 changes hands for about $100 or less on eBay.


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  1. Nice, full duplex! These Chinese radios are really becoming decent radios now. The build quality is also improving (I like my TYT UV-3R much better than the Baofeng variety).

    Even the mainstream top-end radios are usually not full duplex anymore (they have 2 receivers, they just can’t cope with their own transmissions on the other band). I believe the Alinco DJ-G7E is the only one that still does this. That would be very handy for satellite work.

    I’ll definitely consider this one if the reviews are ok. If had air band receive it would have been perfect. But I suppose none of the Chinese ones do, due to the range of the RDA1247 chip.

  2. Great news.
    Finally some improvement (real Dual Receive).
    I’m sure changing a text file in the program can open it up to full region 2/3 bands.
    (144-148MHz and 420-450MHz).

    I still think they can compete and add 50-54MHz/70-71MHz, and 219-225MHz for at least one of the dual receivers.


  3. Issues appear to have been resolved. Now, us in the USA are waiting for FCC approval. There is an Ebay seller: monsterpowerpro who is falsely advertising these radios as FCC approved. I contacted himm that they weren’t approved and he was in danger of getting nailed for false advertising. He responded by banning me from doing business with him and communicating with him further.

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