Nino IT9RYH ‘Silent Key’ transmission

Rumors are floating around the Internet that IT9RYH (Nino) is silent key. Such a message was transmitted on 14.195MHz, it was recorded by someone and put on Youtube. If this is true: RIP.  If not, it’s the sickest ‘joke’ ever, and people should be really ashamed of themselves. Whatever grudges you hold, this is NOT DONE. Please be advised that the callsign of the OH station might have been abused without the owner’s knowledge.


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  1. Yes, my call sign have been abused, I have nothing to do with this recording, This unknown pirate is located somewhere in central Europe. De 1JO

  2. As I wrote on the Youtube page: Whatever you might think about Nino and his antics on 14195, this hoax is in extremely poor taste and whoever made this transmission is not a fit and proper person to hold a ham radio license. While I share with many the hope Nino will leave 14195, I hope he will have a good and healthy life for many years to come. 73 de Thomas, M0TRN

  3. I spoke with Nino this evening by telephone, and he is alive and well and laughing over all the rumors of his death. He has been off the air because of equipment failure. He will be back on the air as soon as possibile. Bob HB9ASQ

  4. So more qrm on 14.195 will be expected:-( 14.195 has been in good use now.. if qrm continues there, everything will be the same, music+qrm.. now 195 is ok! De OH1JO Jari. Nice to see Nino still alive and kicking, but PSE do not start the show again on 195…

  5. Equipment wonder!! on the flipside of the coin,i wish NINO good health and best wishes.

  6. i was hoping for a huge bomb was placed inside his old skanti crystal radio and blow it over to africa …..

  7. Strange how a lot of people have a go at Nino for using 14.195.What about the many contest stations that sit there as well.At the end of the day,any part of the 20m. band is capable of carrying DX,spread yourselves out lads and avoid these horrendous pileups on one frequency,and to the DX station,don’t announce where you will be operating from in advance.Just turn up on any frequency in the band and call.Keen radio amateurs will find and work you thus avoiding mass pileups.By the way,14.195 is still manic at times without Nino,who will be blamed this time?

  8. @ Bob, HB9ASQ + Sergio, HB9FEH: If you both know Nino, do you had a conversation with him about the 14.195 + 3.795 QRM Story? Do you know the reason for this mess?

    Daniel, HB9DDS

  9. The Solution is simple :
    Suggest to all future DXpeditioneers & DXpeditions to IGNORE all Italian HAM Radio stations as long as they (Italian HAM’s) do not solve the issue themselves with Nino, his anti-social / anti-HAM Spirit behavior and finally with Nino’s HAM Radio license.

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