The Rigol DSA-815-TG, or greed versus sanity

Greed, yes. I always envied people who had such a great tool. Sanity, probably no. Truth is that I never used it often enough to warrant buying one, whether it was cheap or expensive. But let’s be honest, prices for a good one were nothing short of insane. Times changed though. Chinese manufacturers like Atten already offered cheap spectrum analyzers, but the specs of these models didn’t even impress potential buyers with ultra low demands. Not stable, using old fashioned CRT’s, and a very poor resolution were key. Thanks, but no thanks.

And there, out of the blue, came Rigol with the DSA-815(TG). Good specs, comparable with professional HP-Agilent models from about a decade ago, yet affordable. Still too expensive for me unfortunately, unless I sell off some more HF/VHF/UHF gear. I just might do that, but I have to give it some thought. One thing is for sure: if I buy one, it will be the TG (Tracking Generator) version. A tracking generator for this Rigol is not an option you can buy and add later in time, you have to decide up front. Better save up a bit more money then, as buying a SA without a TG is something like buying half a car.

Sorry for any drool on your screen – it’s probably mine.

Download: DSA815_DataSheet_EN


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  1. This was reviewed in the January 2013 QST magazine on page 55. I like to know where they bought one with the tracking generator for $1495.00. Looks very good. Maybe it is time to trade in the Tek 495P???? I will have to look into this some more.

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