If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

androidI had the WordPress app installed on all my Android devices. Things go fast in the world of apps, so you get update after update. I didn’t particularly like all of the new versions. At a certain point in time the nice start screen disappeared, and got replaced by a side menu which remembers your last action. If yesterday’s last action was looking at stats, it meant that I had to wait until all the numbers were crunched before I could do something else.

The last few updates were a nightmare. Stats aren’t derived from the Web anymore but generated in another, painfully slow way. There’s less information, less readable and it’s often wrong. After the last update I saw 817 visitors who, magically, generated only one page view. No, not one each, but all together. My most popular articles were not mine at all, but came from some other blog. That bug cleared up later, just in time to prevent me from making a screen shot, but it got me worried.

I decided to delete WordPress on all but one Android device – my Chinese 5.7″ phone. This phone doesn’t support Google Play, so I had to install apps manually. It also means that this version of WordPress (see screen shot below) never got updated. For the time being I don’t intend to do so.

WP-app-1For now accessing WordPress by using a browser will have to suffice, and I will check WordPress’ Android blog occasionally to see if things got any better.