Vero Telecom VR-6600PRO

R.I.P. VR-6600P: the radio has been replaced before it even saw the light of day. Instead Vero Telecom introduced the VR-6600PRO, an updated version of the radio we all so desperately wanted to get our hands on. Vero writes:

Hello Hans,

Good day to you.
Thank you for focusing on our new product — VR-6600PRO. Now, it is time to show VR-6600PRO to you. VR-6600PRO adopts many suggestions from HAMs. As well VR-6600PRO uses much optimal design of ergonomics. Please check the detailed videos for VR-6600PRO.

We will arrange a free sample to you test as soon as possible.

Super features:
1. The VR-6600P with the DOUBLE RF MOSFET MODULE, and can provide very smooth power from the V band to U band.
2. 8 colors LCD backlight to choose, you will be safer because you can freely adjust the brightness of the backlight and button light, as well as automatic backlight setting
3.The handsfree function is realized with the mini-microphone built in the panel.
4、Clear Voice.
The stereo speakers built in the panel helps the automatically identify the signal.The speaker sounds simultaneously when receive single signal,and it sounds respectively when receive dual signal.
5. With high performance and convenience, the turn 360°new suction cup mounting bracket can firmly suck on different rough plane, and makes it easy to remove without screws.
6.With the dual speaker installed, you can freely choose the microphone connectors whether on the mainframe or panel.
7.The mainframe is solid and break-resistant. Passive cooling adopted, the longevity of mainframe will not be affected by the dust absorbed on it.
8. A data jack is uniquely installed in the mainframe.
9.Three speaker system(two in panel and one in main frame ) allows you to have more options.
10. Multi-functional DTMF microphone is ergonomically designed, which makes you feel well and operate more conveniently. etc.

You will be surprised to find more distinctive features when VR-6600pro at hand.
Best regards,

Cathy Zhang
Sales Dept –Sales Manager

Stuff in the PD0AC pipeline

I expect 2014 to be a good and busy year for radio reviews. Below a list of things to come.

  1. Baofeng GT-3. I should have had the review sample more than a week ago, but SainSonic isn’t very honest when it comes to promised shipping times. The radio’s location is Rotterdam, about one hour drive from here. When I ask about the reasons for the delay, the seller mentions shipping times of 20-40 days. Say what? Even worse, SainSonic (Sainstore / Nextbigthink on eBay) flagged the radio as being shipped, while in reality it’s not. According to PostNL the shipment is ‘being prepared by sender’ for almost a week now.
  2. Zastone ZT-2R. Interestingly, Zastone doesn’t list their own creation anymore. What is going on here? Sued by Yaesu? The radio is still available elsewhere, but shipping hit a snag here also. The first AliExpress seller I approached advertised the radio, but didn’t have even one in stock. He got caught by the AliExpress safety net almost instantly, and my money was promptly refunded — without me even having to ask for it. Eat that, eBay & PayPal! The second seller was lighting fast; radio is on its way.
  3. The VGC VGC VR-6600P. This will take some more time and can’t be rushed. I expect a lot from this radio.

VGC VR-6600P Teaser

VGC is now in the process of perfecting a final review sample, which is due to arrive after Chinese New Year.

Yes, the radio is delayed, and that’s good news – VGC doesn’t want to sell buggy radios.

VGC VR-6600P

VGC VR-6600P sample

VGC VR-6600P

A look into the service menu of the VGC VR-6600P

Spectrum analysis reveals that VGC paid a lot of attention to a clean signal; with numbers like -73 dBm for the second harmonics there won’t be anything to complain about. I’ll keep you posted.