Spare components? China.

This blog post won’t capture your attention unless you build or repair a lot. Why China? Most shops I bought my components in the past don’t exist anymore. I’d rather buy locally, but that’s becoming harder and harder, and relatively expensive.

Since a few years I have all my spare components shipped from China, sometimes for less money than a local dealer charges for shipping. Just ordered this to get my stock up-to-date again:


2400 ceramic capacitors, click image for seller

A box full of the most common values (2400 pcs) for just 21 Euros. The nice box is included, and so is shipping. I do this a lot lately; I think all the repairs I did for others last year (dead transceivers, switching PSUs, and everything else) were done with components bought from eBay.

I’ll have to check on my electrolytic capacitors too, these go fast as well. 500 pieces will set me back 14 euros.


500 pieces, 20 common values, 14 euros