We Are The Borg

Well, that’s how I feel when I wear this thing. I picked it up last Saturday at a Hamfest in Apeldoorn, and was one of the things on my wish list. For about $10 it’s a steal of a deal and makes working with SMD components much easier.

I also picked up a miniature soldering iron. My other soldering iron was not too bad and usable when working with SMD, but only just – and risky at times. I’m still in the market for something more professional, but this one will do for now. Couldn’t resist for $20.

Stock photo. Mine looks slightly different and has a temperature scale.

All of this will come in handy when replacing a 455KHz filter (CF1005) in an FT-897D, which will be followed by a modification to prevent damage in the future. This filter is notorious for failing due to a flaw in the design of the FT-857/897.