Puxing PX-780 DMR Radio

Puxing jumped the bandwagon too and introduces the Puxing PX-780/PX-820 DMR Tier II radio. Prices unknown at this time; you have to mail them through Alibaba.com for more information.

PuxingThe radio is available in both VHF and UHF versions. GPS appears to be a standard feature.


General Specifications
Frequency Range 136-174MHz /400-470MHz /customized
Channel Capacity 1000/customized
antenna impedance 50Ω
Operating Voltage 7.4V  DC
Operating Temperature -30°C +60°C
store temperature -40°C +85°C
Battery Life in 5/5/90 operating mode
1700mAh standard Li-ion battery analog:10hours,digital:14hours
dust-protection and water resistant IP67
Size not including antenna 113.5mm×54mm×33.5mm
Weight with battery, antenna 270G
channel spacing 12.5khz
frequency stability +/-1ppm
Output Power low power:1W high power:4w
hum and noise -40dB@12.5khz
conducted,radiated spurious emission -36dBm@ <1Ghz,-30dBm@>1Ghz
adjacent channel power -60dB @12.5khz
ajacent transient channel power -50dB@ 12.5KHZ
FM modulation mode 12.5khz:11K0F3E
4FSK digital mode 12.5khz(data only):7K60FXD 12.5khz(data+voice):7K60FXE
modulation maximum deviation 2.5khz@12.5khz
nonactive slot power -57dBm
audio response +1dB–3dB
audio distortion 3%(type)
digital protocol ETSI TS 102 361-1,-2,-3
vocoder type AMBE+2TM
channel spacing 12.5khz
frequency stability +/-1ppm
analog sensitivity 0.35μV/-116dBm(20dB SINAD)0.22μV/-120dBm(type)
digital sensitivity 0.3μV/-117.4dBm(BER 5%)0.7μV/-110dBm(BER1%)
intermodulation TIA603C:70dB ETSI:65dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity TIA603C:65dB@12.5khz ETSI:60dB@12.5khz
co-channel rejection 12dB@12.5KHZ
spurious response rejection TIA603C:75dB ETSI:70dB
conducted spurious emission -57dBm@<1GHz,-47dBm@>1GHz
blocking 84dB
rated audio power 1w
audio response +1dB–3dB
rated audio distortion 3%(type)