The Story Of The Stickers

This is a story about stickers, or Post It notes. If you don’t like dark/morbid humor, this story is not for you. This type of humor might be typical Dutch, not really sure.

VultureEver ham operator gets ill now and then and, inevitably, all of us will go SK one day. Normally you don’t talk about death too much, if at all.

Yet Dutch hams found a way to change this dark prospect into something funny. If during a QSO someone coughs, sneezes, or complains about having the flu, all the other hams on the frequency will react immediately. “Oh, you’re ill? Too bad. Uhh, BTW, I hope you didn’t forget to put stickers on all your equipment?”

Yes, every piece of ham radio equipment must be labeled. On that label should be written who will inherit your rigs, power supplies, antennas, coax cables and test equipment. And, believe it or not, all the stuff I own has been claimed more than once – more often than not without my knowledge.

Somehow the joke manages to stay funny, unless someone becomes really ill. At such moments we will change our behavior and help where and when we can. And that’s how it should be.