Any hams abroad who can hear PI6TEN?

After a long time the Dutch 10 meter repeater, PI6TEN, is back on the air. TX frequency is 29.690MHz, input is on 29.520MHz. No CTCSS needed.


PI6TEN location. Click on image to go to

I’m curious if any of my non-Dutch readers can hear the signal or, even better, can open it up. If you have Echolink, you can check your own signal when you connect to PI6TEN-R.

Rx location
Alticom radio tower
Witte Kruislaan- Hilversum
52°13’20N – 05°10’09E
Tx location
PI6HVS building
Kapittelweg – Hilversum
52°12’54N – 5°8’36E
Receiving information
Antenna : Hi-gain
Antenna gain : 0 dBi
Antenna height : 140m above sea level
Receiver : R&S ESMC
Frequency : 29.590 Mhz
Polarisation : Vertical
Transmitting information
Antenna : Antron 99
Antenna gain : 0 dBi
Antenna height : 60m above sea level
Transmitter : Motorala
Frequency : 29.690 Mhz
Output power : 60 Watts
Polarisation : Vertical
Other information
Echolink : PI6TEN (#512885)
CTCSS : none