Baofeng -> Pofung -> Misutā

It seems that another name change is coming up: Misutā. The word ‘Misutā’ (ミスター) is Japanese for ‘Mister’, a bit of a strange name for a 2-way radio. A Japanese name for a Chinese radio is strange no matter how you look at it. Sorry gents, the legendary Japanese quality won’t rub off, whatever label you stick on it.

Two models are on display so far: the Misutā Samurai, and the Misutā Hero. Both are, of course, UV-5Rs, with reverse LCDs. Prices are about the same.

It must be said: Misutā sounds better than Pofung (which is often pronounced as poo fung, and people try really hard not to grin or laugh while doing that).

misuta samuraieBay seller hitechproduct has these radios on sale.