New: Luiton LT-333

Luiton LT-333.jpgGotta love the constant stream of new radios coming from China – and some look better than others. We saw such nice ‘reverse’ LC displays before though, which were nowhere to be found on the actual products. Photoshop stuff, very annoying.

*Update 1* According to a representative of Bond Telecom, the inverse LCD is REAL on this radio.

When it comes to specs, it doesn’t seem that the Luiton LT-333 is any different from other radios. Even that is something you can’t count on. When looking at the factory specifications of the radios we know, they’re either completely or nearly identical. When you connect them to test equipment… well, that’s a completely different story.

Assuming all the specs I got today by mail are correct, and assuming that the the inverse LCD is really implemented on this radio, this Luiton radio stands out of the crowd. The only worry might be the battery capacity which is rated at only 1250 mAh, rather underwhelming for a 5 Watt HT. Then again, the Baofeng UV-B5 battery is rated 2000 mAh and gets sucked dry within 2 days.

Price not known at this time. I will update this post as soon as more info drips in. Luiton radios are sold by Bond Telecom.

Spec sheet (PDF): download here.

*Update 2 * I’m in the process of acquiring a review sample. To be continued.