Carrier + No Modulation = Bipolar Behavior

maliciouscompWe all know the occasional but very annoying carriers, trying to mess up a QSO. We call them ‘jammers’. Weather they’re unlicensed or not is often a mystery.

They’re everywhere. VHF, UHF, HF. There’s no escape.

Scientific research has revealed that those carriers without modulation are not only annoying, but dangerous: it messes up our brain functions. In just a few seconds such carriers can transform a stable, nice person into a bipolar one.

When asking the lead scientist to explain this to us in simple terms, here is what he scribbled on a piece of paper:


Remember: these mood swings occur thousands of times per second, depending on the RX frequency. You can do the math yourself by using the formula below. Are you affected?


Paranormal Oscillations

fbAfter receiving various messages from ‘computer savvy’ spirits relaying messages for other spirits who were not so technologically advanced, a guy named Frank Sumption came up with the idea to create a device that hopefully all spirits could use.

His design was apparent to him almost immediately, but the actual construction of the device has led him to create at least 25 different models to date. Each box is unique in design and construction, but is based on the same principle.

Frank’s spirit receiver starts off with a standard white noise generator which is fed through a random voltage circuit of Frank’s own design. The random voltage is linked to an AM radio receiver which reacts to the voltage by tuning to a specific spot on the radio dial. This is known as voltage tuning and is a common function of late 80s and early 90s radio receivers.

Though various radio stations are turned in for a split second every so often along with regular static, the devices also allows the spirits to interact with the device and create their own vocals through the receiver and for lack of a better term, talk through the device.

You can read more here, if you’re interested.

After reading all of this a few questions popped up in my mind:

  1. Don’t ghosts need a ham license?
  2. Only AM? No SSB, FM, Digital?
  3. What antennas do they use, and what polarization?
  4. Should I have my FT-920 buried with me, just to be sure?
  5. If I can pull off #4, who wants a sked with me?

K9 Tracking: Baofeng UV-5RDOG

My UV-5RDOG (Dog Operated Gimmick) is now in test. Barking and/or drooling will activate the transmitter; my Border Collie is equipped with a Doppler direction finder on his back. The direction finder’s output is sent to a small transparent monitor, which is located just in front of the Border Collie’s eyes.

Being the perfect herding dog, locating the runaway is now a matter of minutes. Finally home on time for coffee.

Baofeng UV-5RDOG CAMO, available soon at 409SHOP.