“Scan Error”

I have an HP Officejet 6110 ‘all in one’ printer. It’s getting old, but as long as it works I see no reason to replace it with something else. And it kept working until a week ago. When I switched on the printer I got a lot of initialization noises, which ultimately ended in a ‘scan error’.

Hmmm. I didn’t want to scan something, I wanted to print something. Repetitive on/off switching didn’t help. It turns out that this HP will refuse to do anything when the scanner can’t initialize. Silly.

HP Officejet 6100I always try to do repairs before I throw away something. In this case it proved to be an easy job: all the dust which accumulated over the years made the glass slightly opaque and impaired the effectiveness of the mirrors which reside inside the printer. Essentially the scanner system had become blind.

All it took was some disassembling, some kitchen paper and a bit of window cleaner. One reset and voilà: the thing works like new.