Icom buys Baofeng

Well, not exactly, but I got your attention, right? Who wants a Baofeng UV-5R which only does a lousy 4/3 Watts at best while you can get an Icom variety which does 10 Watts on both bands? Well?

I think all of this must drive Icom crazy, but I wonder if they can do anything about it.

Icom Fake 01Icom Fake 02Icom Fake 03

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IC-93AD – Another Fake Icom.

Either Icom hides new models from us westerners, or this Icom is fake. Well, the last option is correct.

The price isn’t right (Icom is generally very expensive, a bit too expensive actually), the red dot above the “I” isn’t there, I saw this radio before under another (Chinese) brand name, an no single Icom website, not even the Japanese one, lists this model.


This is not the first time I run into counterfeit / fake Icom models. I’ve seen a few in the same enclosure as some less known Baofeng models. Search for Icom on AliExpress and you’ll probably find more. Read what Icom has to say about the IC-V89.