New gadgets

I’m still own and use my Packard Bell Liberty Tab (identical to the Acer Iconia Tab A500), but added the 7″ version of the Google Nexus. There isn’t a better 7″ Android tablet yet, and a heavy discount in one of the local shops made it irresistible.

Google-Nexus-7-2Echolink problem
Battery life is excellent, and it’s very fast. Only one problem popped up which I haven’t been able to solve: the Echolink app suddenly lost its Search function. I assume it has something to do with the latest version of Android, but I’m not sure. The rest of the app works fine.

Bridge camera
I always used a bridge camera in case I didn’t want to carry one of my DSLRs around. Intermittent problems made my old camera very unreliable, and I decided to replace it with another one – preferably as cheap as possible. Yet I do have some strict requirements, and of of them is that I fujifilm-s2000hddon’t want silly megapixel counts. These cameras all have very tiny sensors, and anything above 10 megapixels is stupid. Noise and other artifacts stick up their ugly heads, not to mention the fact that the resolution of the sensor often outperforms the resolution of the lens.

Luck was on my side: one online shop had (outdated) Fujifilm Finepix S2000HD models on sale for just over $100. Just what I was looking for. Many shots of reviews-to-come will be made with this camera.