Which one? UV-5R vs UV-82 vs GT-3

There are now so many radios build around Baofeng UV-5R circuitry and software that potential buyers don’t know which one to pick. Most questions I get by e-mail are about choosing one of these three Baofeng radios: UV-5R (whatever variety), UV-82 and the new GT-3.


My personal opinion is: get the Baofeng UV-82.

  • Big, professional looking radio, dual PTT key is located where it should be,
  • Better overall performance thanks to more efficient stock antenna
  • One Watt of extra power output on both bands (5 Watts VHF, 4 Watts UHF),
  • Display located where it should be, doesn’t go dark after long transmissions,
  • Better designed keyboard with the 0 (zero) in the right place,
  • Better RX audio thanks to the bigger enclosure (improved acoustics),
  • No issues with muffled or low TX audio,
  • Battery life as good as the other two contenders.


  • Poorly designed charger. If you buy a UV-82, be prepared to fix it from the moment you pull it out of the box. It’s an easy job, click here to find out why and how.
  • Front-end just as poor as the other two, which means that the receiver overloads quickly. If you need a better receiver, buy a Baofeng UV-B5/B6.
  • New and/or after-market batteries are often labeled and advertised incorrectly. Whatever the label says or whatever the seller says, the battery is 1800mAh, not 2800mAh.

Baojie BJ-9900 Unboxed

In the box:

  • The radio itself
  • Mounting bracket
  • DTMF Microphone
  • Power cable
  • Microphone holder
  • Separation kit
  • Programming cable
  • Manual

Software not included, but can be downloaded for free from the Baojie website.


The definitive price for this radio is $266.00 if you buy directly from the manufacturer. Because everyone compares this radio to the Yaesu FT-8800R here’s a price comparison:

FT-8800R: $460, separation kit: $60, software + USB cable: $49. Total: $569. These are street prices, not list prices. Temporary rebates not included.