Alinco DX-10

Some questions around the Alinco – Anytone connection pointed to another radio: the Alinco DX-10. This radio is part of Alinco’s official product range.

Alinco DX-10

CB enthusiasts will recognize the radio immediately as an incarnation of the CRE-8900. And yes, it’s an Anytone design, not dissimilar to the Superstar SS-6900N I reviewed a while ago.

28 MHz plays dead, 27 MHz (over)crowded

I tried a few different modes and frequencies, but no one answered to my calls. Weird, one MHz down I could hear hundreds of stations from around the world fighting for a spot in the spectrum. Hmmm.

I switched on the CB radio and gave a CQ on channel 6 (27.025 MHz) in AM, the place to be if you want to talk to an American truck driver. With just a few Watts (legal limit) into a vertical I didn’t give myself much of a chance.

Immediately the S-meter of my ancient 23-channel Sharp radio slammed into the corner. “You’re booming here, Amsterdam, S9+20 dB, God Bless from 227, the Pennsylvania Pimp!”

LOL! Gotta love their handles.