Baofeng Bluetooth Adapter

It looks like the accessories for Baofeng radios just got a bit more interesting — but it comes with a *very* hefty price tag.

When you can easily buy two UV-5R radios for the price of this adapter, it might be wise to pass on this gadget until the price goes down to a more reasonable level.

Baofeng BlueTooth

  • Genuine BaoFeng Tech Bluetooth Dongle (Only Sold by BaofengTech – insure BaofengTech is your selected distributor to guarantee accuracy in receiving what is described)
  • Easy pairing process. Stores paired connection to the wireless headset even if the Radio is powered off or adapter is removed from the two-way radio.
  • No time delay on either Transmit or Received Audio messages
  • Several Push-To-Talk options: use the PTT button on the BaoFeng Tech bluetooth adapter to initiate transmissions or just use your PTT right on your radio
  • Compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories. (audio accessories not included)

Price: $84.99, seen on