Wireless Mobile Radio Microphone

If it weren’t so expensive ($120 without the microphones) I might have picked one up.

It would only have left me with the problem of the frequencies these microphones use: 221 – 259 MHz. Not allowed here in NL.



  • Freely move, easy communication
  • Compatible with different brands mobile radio, like Icom, Yaesu, Motorola, Kenwood and so on
  • Walkie talkie between hand-microphones
  • 500 meters communication range between mobile radio and hand-microphone, between hand-microphones
  • Torch light function
  • Identification function
General specifications
  Repeater Hand-microphone
Frequency range TX: 221MHz
RX: 259MHz
TX: 259MHz
RX: 221MHz
RF power 80
Number of channels 199
RF power 250mW 500mW
Battery pack 1500mAh (Li-ion)
Frequency stability ± 2.5PPM
Power supply DC 8.0V
Operating temperatures – 20°C — + 60°C
Dimensions (W * H * D) 133 * 88 * 27mm

5 comments on “Wireless Mobile Radio Microphone

  1. Ive seen these around for a while now and have been curious about them, however like you, i am in the same boat about the price and the fact that there are no reviews for them that i can find, so i find it hard to take the plunge. Hopefully someday someone will test a set out and post a review for other people curious about them.

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  3. from what ive been reading this has been around since 2011 and ebay has them for 99$ us. their is no us fcc type acceptance, although i dont see how they could even try to since it falls under the frequencies for military air here.

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