SFE S850UV-2 – VHF/UHF/1.25 Meters

This radio isn’t anywhere to be found except on Alibaba.com, which basically means that it isn’t available yet. The specs look familiar, except that that it also covers 200-260 MHz. American hams might want to keep an eye on this one.



10 comments on “SFE S850UV-2 – VHF/UHF/1.25 Meters

  1. Close but no aircraft and no HF. Unless the price is very low, like under $50 low, the Termin8r is a better buy.

  2. Might be firmware compatible, or perhaps those features could be added with slight firmware modification.

    • I’m not sure. Chinese factory specs can be unclear or deceiving; it could also mean that the radio is dual-band and that you have to choose a certain frequency range when buying one.

  3. Only 256 memory channels? Why can’t these manufacturers put more memory channels into their radios? It would be very simple to make them 1000 channels with little to no extra cost. Most users have more than 256 channels they want to put into memory.

  4. I went to the website for this radio and on Alibaba.com and found inconsistent frequency information on the part of the transmit side. Part of it says only 136-174/400-520 and then other parts include the 200MHz frequencies which is in line with the above assessment. I see the keypad has the 0 at bottom row in the center and that it is 256 channels which is better than 199. I would love to see 512 channels and even 1,000 channels.

  5. Never mind, I did the research, with a tech license, no. Sorry I took so long getting back I get busy here at the drop of a hat. 73’s! KD8OCU

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