BFDX MT-7250 DMR Mobile

We knew BFDX already as a manufacturer of affordable DMR hand helds, and now a 30 Watt mobile radio popped up on the screen: the BFDX MT-7250. Grapevine Ham Radio sells this model for $329.99.

I find the number of channels/zones (160/50) a bit disappointing, but the price is right.


General Specifications
Frequency range VHF: 136-174MHz, or
UHF: 350-390 MHz, or
UHF: 400-470 MHz, or
UHF: 450-520 MHz
Channel Capacity 160
Zones 50
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz
Voltage DC 13.8V (±15%)
Frequency stability ±1.5ppm
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Dimensions 150(L)*160(W)*40(H)mm
Weight 1.29Kg
RF power output VHF/UHF high power:30W
VHF/UHF low power:15W
4FSK Modulation 12.5kHz (only data):7K60FXD
12.5kHz (data and voice):7K60FXE
FM Modulation 12.5 kHz:8K50F3E
Modulation Limiting +/- 2.5kHz @ 12.5kHz
FM Noise -40dB
Conducted  Emission -36 dBm≤1GHz/-30 dBm≥1GHz
Adjacent Channel Power ≤-60dB
Audio Response +1/-3 dB
Audio Distortion 3%
Digital Voice coder Type AMBE+2™
Digital sensitivity 5% BER:0.25 uV
Analog sensitivity 0.25 uV (12 dB SINAD)
Inter-modulation 60dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60 dB
Spurious Response Rejection 70 dB
FM Noise -40dB
Audio Response +1/-3 dB
Audio output 3W
Audio Distortion 3% (typical)
Conducted Spurious Emission -57dBm
GPS Accuracy Horizontal Accuracy≤-10m
(with well signal)
TTFF (Time To First Fix) Cold Start < 1 minute(with well signal)
TTFF (Time To First Fix) Hot Start < 10second(with well signal)
Environmental Specifications
Working Temperature -20℃—+70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃—+80℃
Humidity MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F
Vibration & Shock MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F

5 comments on “BFDX MT-7250 DMR Mobile

  1. A bit pricey I suspect. We will see how this innovative device performs out on the street

  2. Lets hope they actually fit CTCSS to it (The TD501 spot on DMR handy but NO CTCSS).. Then there is the TD503 nice colour display. More bugs than you could shake a stick at with ID number handling (lack of) for txt messages, problems with the AMBE, not actually being a “Real” AMBE chip. No User support, No returns policy, no way I was going to go into business with them professionaly after all the problems I found and they refused to accept. Buyer be aware!

  3. if they put ctcss on analog i might concider it but since the 501 doesnt its sitting on my shelf as a paper weight

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