Icom IC-7100 firmware update E3

Icom Inc. has published firmware update E3 for the IC-7100 on their global website. This new firmware has been designed to improve RX audio quality.

The following firmware have been updated:

• CPU M to Version 1.04
• DSP I to Version 1.02

ic-7100The new firmware can be downloaded here.

5 comments on “Icom IC-7100 firmware update E3

  1. I just bought an ICOM ID5100A last week, is there any software that I should download and do I need to purchase the software from RT?

    73 de, W8ASH Jim

  2. I have a big issue with d-star mode, hope this firmware update can fix it. Really disappointed about it…

  3. This is relevant to my interests. The update went successfully for me – now to see if I can tell the difference! Thanks for the heads-up Hans.

  4. When its price drops into the hobby zone from the conspicuous consumption zone I will buy one. Looks like a neat all in one radio and I’m a loyal Icom fan.

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