VR-6600PRO and FTM-350 Inside

The most frequently asked question is: how identical are these two radios? Vero Telecom made it clear from the start that the PCB design was their own.

On the outside it’s a close call. On the inside there are some similarities, but enough differences too. The VR-6600PRO isn’t a 100% copy of the Yaesu, a fact that was impossible to miss during tests. Some properties are in favor of the Yaesu, some things are in favor of the VGC. I’ll get back on that subject in the final review.

The Vero Telecom VR-6600PRO inside:


Click image for high-res version

The Yaesu FTM-350 inside:


One comment on “VR-6600PRO and FTM-350 Inside

  1. Well one thing is interesting right off the bat.
    At least the VR-6600 incorporates a real NFM filter. Notice how the NFM filter position/slot (CF1452) in the Yaesu FT-350 is unpopulated,, So even if the Yeasu supports NFM on TX, it is passing the RX through the much wider M450E filter, which would degrade S/N on those channels,


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