Anytone Tech’s new models: User Manuals

As Brick also mentioned in in his last post about Anytone Tech: the reactions on the new models vary wildly. I think Brick said all there is to say, but I’ll add this thought:

– If a radio is cheap but crap, we complain, but buy it anyway.
– If a radio is good but costs more, we complain, but suddenly the price is all that matters.

Let’s see how these radios perform and at what price point before judging them. I know John of gets (or already has) review samples, and I’m on the list too. To give you some more insight in what these radios can and cannot do, here are some preliminary user manuals (PDF).


ANILE-8R User Manual (Preliminary)

NSTIG-8R User Manual (Preliminary)

OBLTR-8R + TERMN-8R User Manual (Preliminary)

10 comments on “Anytone Tech’s new models: User Manuals

  1. > If a radio is cheap but crap, we complain, but buy it anyway.

    yeaaah, that would be no, Baofengs arent crap, they are good enough for 80% of use cases.

    Radio doing great 100% of the time pretty much doesnt exist, 95% ones cost ~$400 ( VX-8R?).

    Here we have a case of chinese manufacturers (and their hilarious distributors) suddenly acting like they are selling Japanese products, and charging +$100-200 for 5% additional functionality.

  2. Hans- Do we know when pricing info will be released? I am in desperate need of a new HT(current baofeng uv5r is dying a slow death, and my uv82X doesnt have 440) and these look great. I am just after a timeline.

    • They way I understand what the manual says is in order to access the MURS or GMRS preprogrammed channels you have to do a power up key press and select either Normal, GMRS or MURS from a menu. Then the radio is locked in GMRS or MURS mode and the only other thing that works is NOAA weather receive. I think this is how they are trying to fool the FCC into getting part 95 A and J certification.

      As far as I can tell there is nothing to prevent you from programming MURS and GMRS frequencies in regular memory channels in Normal mode.

  3. I don’t complain about Baofeng pricing or their units. They’re cheap and they work well, what more can you ask? Sure, there are some better models out there at a price to match. But in all honesty, I don’t use a handheld much and I don’t want to pay a lot for occasional use. I don’t tend to go throwing them in rivers, so that isn’t much of a selling point.

    However, Anyclone have done a lot of work in the 11m market (surreptitiously called 10m. They have a habit of combining with well known brands to sell stuff at way over inflated retail prices. Even some of the branded stuff sells cheaper than stuff sold under their own Anyclone name.

    I think I will be sticking with Baofeng, I think price wise, you’re in for a shock. Don’t expect anything near their there £20 pricing.

  4. Good to see they are finally using a real S-meter display rather than the GSM-style signal bar on the Baofengs. That was one of the things that bothered me about most Chinese HTs.

    However of course it remains to be seen whether the S-meter actually works or if all the segments simply come on at the same time.

  5. I can’t comment on any of them but the Wouxun KG UV2D. I’m well along on my second battery now, and I’m getting a lot of use out of the radio. I’ve dropped in a number of times, both on dirt and concrete, and haven’t had any problems with it, knock on wood. The antenna is getting a little bent up, but it still works ok. It has some eccentricities, but operationally, it’s still fine. de KL7IBV

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