A few unrelated notes

I had to make some changes to the configuration of this blog.

As of today comments will be closed automatically after 90 days. This step was necessary due to spam bots which randomly pick an article, many of which are many years old. While Askimet intercepts them all, it’s still a pain to scroll through all of them in order to rescue a false positive.

Review requests
I occasionally get review requests from third parties. To my surprise some people expect me to pay for the hardware and software involved. That’s not how it works: you send me the stuff and I send it back afterwards. The last review request came in today from a free e-mail address originating from India:

I found your blog from internet.
I like to suggest our app Morse Code Guru Pro to get reviewed on your blog. It is as the name suggests, a morse code related app, which has all the features of all morse code apps out there combined and also has the best implementation of each. The app took more than one year to make and is the finest. Please consider it for review.

I’m attaching some pictures of the app.
Thank You
Morse Code Guru Team

Dear Morse Code Guru Team,

first of all I like to talk to people on a first name basis. Secondly I’m not willing to pay you $6.99 on iTunes for your app. Last but not least: Apple? Wonderful stuff, but the last time I touched an Apple was at the grocery store and the last time I touched a Mac was at some hamburger joint. Linux here, my friends, and Android.

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  1. Perfect reply Hans. Love your blog but never have a sharp technical comment to make. A lot of fun in reading your specs.

  2. I installed Lubuntu on an old laptop that I’d all but given up on. It runs like a new computer! Get rid of Windows and give Lubuntu (a lightweight Ubuntu distro) a try!

  3. No one has as much front as Vero Mindy. You buy our product, you give it a positive review on at least six platforms, we think about giving you $100 back, some time in the future, if we remember.

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