Beware of false claims

On quite a few pages belonging to UV-5R sellers you will run into the following claim:

FM storageUnfortunately this is not true: no UV-5R, UV-82, nor any of their countless varieties, can store FM stations. All you can do is set one default frequency. To make sure I didn’t miss something, I checked with the people behind Miklor and Chirp. They confirmed my suspicions.

If you want to store FM stations, buy a Baofeng UV-B5/B6 (room for 16 FM stations) or the Sainsonic RST599 (room for 20 FM stations). A RST599 review will be posted shortly.

4 comments on “Beware of false claims

  1. Yes, I ran into this, some time ago. I actually do listen to the broadcast stations with 2m kicking in if it picks up something. I had the UV-B5 first and stored about 12 local and national stations.

    Then I got the Intek 980HP (based on UV-5R) and I couldn’t save any, a quick trip to Miklor confirmed this was the situation. It’s a shame, the Intek does give quite a sweet sound on FM broadcast.

  2. will investigate the possibility of storing FM-frequencies for the UV-82, as they mention it as a possibility on their website.

  3. could not find the possibility of storing FM-frequencies for the UV-82 and deleted therefore their claim from their website. Good work!

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