Panda RF-41A00A HF Transceiver

Michele IZ8XOV spotted a Chinese HF transceiver which appears to be developed for military purposes, the Panda RF-41A00A.

Panda RF-41A00AFrom Panda’s website:
“RF-41A00A 125W HF ALE/FH transceiver is advanced communication equipment with solid-state power amplifier. ECCM technologies have been adopted in this radio. With the operating frequency ranging from 1.6-30MHz, it can perform various kinds of communications in the severe environmental conditions and operating modes such as plain, secure voice between short and medium ranges.

The transceiver makes features of easy operation, flexible parameter configuration, and handiness for transportation. ALE meets witch MIL-STD-188-141A and FED-STD-1045.It can be used as the fixed stations for both navy or land force communications and the communication in emergency. With the high-tech, the radio features excellent specifications, accessories are ready for the user’s selection.”

There are a few meanings possible, but I think this Wikipedia article might be relevant to this military radio.

Electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) is a part of electronic warfare which includes a variety of practices which attempt to reduce or eliminate the effect of electronic countermeasures (ECM) on electronic sensors aboard vehicles, ships and aircraft and weapons such as missiles. ECCM is also known as electronic protective measures (EPM), chiefly in Europe. In practice, EPM often means resistance to jamming.”


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  1. Dear Hans, thank you for having posted my report on the Panda! I conducted further research but unfortunately I haven’t found anything new. I think chinese peoples have know how to produce great Hf low cost rings, infact the Feitong Ft-808 for marittime communications, the portable Xm-1 and some others demonstrate their ability.

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