Vitai TK-80 HF SSB radio

tk-80-2You said you wanted a Chinese HF radio? Apparently there is one now, and it isn’t vapor-ware for a change.

The Vitai TK-80 (here was a link, but seller’s page suddenly disappeared..) is a 100 Watt HF radio targeted to professional users, has a no-nonsense look & feel with as little buttons as possible.

The radio offers the following modes: J3E (SSB), A1A (CW), A3E (AM), F1D (FSK) and  F2D (AFSK). The last two modes require a third party modem. FM is not supported.

As usual on the price is kept under wraps (between $1 and $999), but I don’t expect the radio to be cheaper than, let’s say, the low budget but very capable Icom IC-718.

Edit: might be a re-branded Kenwood TK-80 or reversed engineered Kenwood. Bummer.


Key Features:

HF Transceiver for Long-Range Business Operations
HF Frequency Coverage to 30MHz
100 Watt RF Output
Optional Internal Antenna Tuning Unit
Mobile/Base Station Operation
Data Mode Operation via External (3rd Party) Modem.
VOX Function
80 Memory Channels plus VFO Mode

More specifications can be found here (oops, seller removed page, I wonder why).


11 comments on “Vitai TK-80 HF SSB radio

  1. It looks like a budget CB radio, I wonder what market the radio was built for? It doesn’t look like a good marine radio, not sure what large market is out there besides Ham, and we like our buttons and knobs… ;^)

    • I just came out of a local QSO during which someone else mentioned exactly the same. The question is now: is this a re-branded Kenwood, a reversed engineered Kenwood, or did they really develop something themselves an put it in a Kenwood look-a-like enclosure?

  2. Hi Hans, in the past I’ve seen another chinese similar to the Kenwood Tm-281, it’s the Lisheng At-808. This is not the first time that chinese clone other brands. (see the Zastone Vx-2 reply and others).

    After Feitong I thought chinese producers would challenged the big industries with a Ft-897 genre but maybe they should stay on the dual band market.

  3. I traded some emails with Vitai about this radio. I’ve had an open dialog with them for a while now, but never really bought anything from them because all of their radios are just the simple 2M/440, with 20 different versions, the same as most other Chinese radios.
    The price on this TK-80 is $960. I told them I was a dealer, so I don’t know if this is a dealer price or the retail price, but either way, no thanks.

  4. I’d say No Sale on this one. As of today I can get an Icom 718 for $609.95, free shipping. No way on earth I’d gamble on an unknown brand to save a couple hundred bucks. The Icom is a known product. This Vitai is an unknown with no track record.. Maybe the best radio ever built.. Maybe the biggest turd anywhere. Who knows.

  5. I’m no insider, but it seems to me that Vitai is licensed to produce radios for the “Big Three”. I’ve also seen Vitai versions of the FT-897 and FT-857 on AliExpress, sold with the Yaesu manual. None of the listings seem to last long, though. There may be agreements in place to prohibit under-cutting prices for the export market, but I’m just speculating.
    So, I doubt that it’s reverse-enginneered. It seems likely that it’s a standard Kenwood licensed to be produced in China, but someone is selling them outside of the domestic Chinese market.

  6. Hans, just clarify for me exactly what you mean by “The last two modes require a third party modem” in this context, please. Also “VFO function”. Thanks.

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