Yet another antenna deal

Remember the $3.79 antenna? It’s back and (price wise) with a vengeance. I guess it was just a matter of time before the price would fall again. Too much competition, especially from (sadly often counterfeit) Nagoya antennas.

This antenna now costs a whopping $1.82, which is about one third of the price of a Big Mac. Is it value for money? Hell yeah! Is it still a good antenna? You bet. It might not the latest greatest antenna you can buy, but it outperforms a Baofeng UV-5R stock antenna by a wide margin. I still use them on many of the radios I own.

Note: fits on almost every radio like Baofeng, Quansheng, Feidaxin and Wouxun, but does not fit well on the GT-3 / GT-3 MK2 and GT-3TP. The base of the antenna is too wide, which will prevent you from screwing it in completely.

antennaThe antenna is on sale for another three days on and can be found here (link to seller).


17 comments on “Yet another antenna deal

  1. The underside of this antenna is plastic, do the following.
    Cut with a very sharp knife a small strip of plastic away from the bottom of the antenna, as shown in the photo there is enough room to do this.
    The antenna will now probably fit on the mentioned handheld radios.

  2. Great! Ordered, thanks. Is there a non-conterfiet, male SMA equivalent which you’re happy to recommend?

  3. I preferred the 4 for a tenner Boafeng A-V85 you had a few weeks ago. Just be watchful with this one, although it shows SMA the title says BNC. Not that it’s going to matter for just over a £1.

  4. It looks exactly the same as antenna shipped with TG-UV2. And the one shipped with Quansheng works really good. Even much longer antenna from Nagoya had performed with worse results.

  5. I just tried to order and it said it could not ship to my area. I live in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. ??????

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