Want to test the VGC VR-6600PRO?

Mindy from Vero Telecom asked me to share this information with all of you: there’s an opportunity for licensed hams to test drive their dual-band radio.

Important Update: read the terms and conditions first! – http://www.verotelecom.com/~verotele/test-letter.htm

The radio won’t be free of charge, but you will get a $100 discount after submitting your test report.

The application form can be found here.

Test Invitation

10 comments on “Want to test the VGC VR-6600PRO?

  1. Hmmm, Pay US$400 for the privilege of receiving a pre-production unit (that is sure to have multiple harware and firmware ‘issues’), being a beta tester and signing my name/callsign to 5x ‘favorable’ social media reviews? . No thanks..

  2. $400 to test out and work out the bugs for them. I dont think so on My interest.. So the rest of this blog readers know before they jump into this un informed as the rest of us did I am posting a copy of the agreement that was sent to my email..

    Testing Agreement

    This agreement is for the participants who applied for testing VERO Telecom
    new product VR-6600Pro.Once you pass the application, the below agreement
    will come into effect. The testing price of VR-6600Pro with BTG-6600A1(Bluetooth TNC & GPS APRS) is USD 350.00/SET (including shipping cost). In order to protect the interests of both sides, you need to pay us USD 450.00/SET first. And USD 100.00 testing cost will be refunded after you finish the testing report.

    ·The information you gave must be real and effective. Any problem caused by the
    information you provided, our company is not to take any responsibility.
    ·The participant should finish the VR-6600Pro testing report and post it on 5 social
    networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo group,Ham Forum, etc.
    ·Any language test reports can be accepted. The test reports can be in writing form, writing+photos form or video form. Each test report should be submitted to us before you post it on the social network. Our company will be responsible for any quality problem. To be fair,each participant who passes the application should finish the paying within 3 days. Otherwise, the opportunity will be transferred to other applicants in the same country.
    ·The delivery time is within 10 business days once we receive your payment.

    Vero Global Communication Co.Ltd
    Jan.5th, 2014

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