HamSphere? Me? Huh?

In the past I got QSL cards claiming that I used some digital mode on HF (which I never did), now it seems that I’m a user on HamSphere.

Either I must be sleepwalking, sleepdrinking and sleepcomputing at the same time or, way more likely, some joker registered there using my callsign.



5 comments on “HamSphere? Me? Huh?

  1. I first had a go with this program when it was freemans many years ago, I tried it I didn’t think much of it and took it off my system.,Shortly afterwards I was invaded by many emails to do with it? I did everything I could to eliminate them, slowly they ceased, but occasionally one still sneaks through somehow off their system trying lure me back, which I have never taken up the offer.


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