New Arrivals: GT-5, GT-3TP, RST599

Doorbell. DHL. Package. Origin: Sainsonic, China. Destination: land of windmills, cheese and tulips.

Contents: Pofung GT-5, Baofeng GT-3 Mark II TP (Triple Power), Sainsonic RST599.


  • The Pofung GT-5 is clearly based on the UV-82.
  • The Baofeng GT-3 Mark II Triple Power is based on other existing triple power varieties. No reverse LCD on this one, but the original three-color version.
  • The RST599 is clearly unique. The rather extensive menu is partly GUI (Graphical User Interface) with icons and such.
Pofung GT-5

First impression: based on Baofeng UV-82.


First impression: based on radios like the Baofeng BF-F8HP.

Sainsonic RST599

First impression: based on…. nothing I recognize or know.

I guess I’ll be having some fun in the days to come.

25 comments on “New Arrivals: GT-5, GT-3TP, RST599

  1. Hello Hans,
    I’m really looking forward to reading your review on the RST599 (nice model name 😉 ). When you get to it, one of the things I’d like to know if you can have channel and VFO at the same time. Say, channel on top and VFO on bottom, just like the Wouxun KG-UV8D or Baofeng UV-B5.


  2. I would love it if you could disassemble the RST599 so we could possibly get an indication on who the manufacturer is.

    • by sainsonic. i believe it combines some factories of China to launch this product, is it one of the manufacturer of GT-3? total design and chip solution from sainsonic.

      • Sain Sonic doesn’t make anything, it simply rebrands or requests cosmetic changes. They are a fairly big operation in the domestic Chinese market.

  3. Wow , some fun looking gear there:
    Do any of them allow VFO to be turned of , or Transmit to be disabled for VFO ? while allowing Transmit in channel mode ( AKA UV-82C ) …

    • Hi Vernon,

      no idea. Because transforming an ‘open’ version into a commercial version (Part 90) generally only requires software, I wouldn’t be surprised if you can do that. The radio would still have to be approved by the FCC though. Without such an approval the radio would still be illegal to use for land mobile radio purposes.

  4. when you test the GT-5, please check 3 things.
    1: is the backlight white, or tri-colour.
    2: does it have an audio compander option.
    3: can you store multiple FM broadcast radio frequency’s

    because i keep seeing contradicting info on the 82/89/GT5 regarding these features.
    i’m starting to wonder if they are adding features in newer software versions like they did on the UV-B5

  5. i am really looking foward your review for RST599, thanks!
    where can i get this radio in Deutschland?

  6. i have now spent many hours on the net searching for info on sainSonic or the RST599
    my conclusion is it may be a risky buy, it’s a ghost as far as origin’s are concerned and is just a useless online-store with no manuals, software or anything.
    they dont even list the GT-5 even though it’s supposed to be a SainSonic product!

    • is Sain Sonic’s radio related portal. I have bought many radios from and they are in fact reliable. The Wouxun KG-UV8D that I bought from that site actually has ‘SAIN SONIC’ acid etched on the metal back of the radio.

      • >> … i have now spent many hours on the net searching … — None of these “new” rigs come close to the quality of the now-ten-year-old Yaesu FT-60R. I read these posts about new models and people spending time looking for them, when we’ve had a great rig readily available for a decade …

  7. Cant wait for GT-3 TP review, i think i’ll hold my purchase and hear what you have to say about this one. If it is at least similar to gt-3 Mark ii than its good, i hope they dont brake anything with triple power.

  8. RST599 software is now online at radioddity,
    and it works on linux using wine!
    (atleast i think it does, i dont have a radio but everything other than up/download is working.)

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