Preparations for ‘best and worst of’

Apart from the obvious hand held section I’m thinking of adding mobile radios. After all, the guys from Anytone, Alinco and Baojie have been busy bees. I’m also thinking of adding a section in which the balance between price and quality has more influence on the results.

On the subject of mobile radios: the VGC VR-6600PRO won’t be included because I haven’t got a sample. Even if it arrived this month, it would be too late. If someone else has one and wants to share info I’ll be happy to post it and credit you for it.

Chances are that the Baofeng/Sainsonic GT-5 and RST-599 will arrive just in time.

If you have ideas which I should incorporate, or personal experience and opinions I should include, let me know.

3 comments on “Preparations for ‘best and worst of’

  1. i realise for warranty reasons this wont be liked by some people,
    but reviews with good internal images to see design/build quality is always nice.
    and if that’s done, a list of the main i.c.’s would prove usefull for comparing why the GT-3 outperforms the older UV5 for example – although it may not be any different to one made today if it’s because of newer chip revisions.

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