New System Fusion HT: Yaesu FT-2DR

Yaesu is on a roll with System Fusion – the FT-991 will have it on board and, according to Sparky’s blog, a new portable will be expected in 2015. No FCC approval yet, no price is mentioned, and there aren’t much technical details available either.

What is clear that the FT-2DR will have a black & white (really?) touch screen. I wonder if I could operate the screen with winter gloves on. Somehow I doubt it, but operating a UV-5R under the same circumstances isn’t that easy either. Basic use won’t be a problem: the combined volume / channel selection rotary encoders will take care of that.




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  1. ” I wonder if I could operate the screen with winter gloves on. Somehow I doubt it ”
    therefore they invent smartphones 😉

  2. Price will be the interesting factor. I mean handhelds are usually for fun, when you can’t carry your mobile or base unit with you. But rarely do we actually need them.

    The Chinese units have really brought the perceived price right down. And whilst all the old hams will say, this is the real thing, how many are really going to spend the money?

  3. I don’t like these proprietary modes, Icom D-Star, Yaesu Fusion, Mototrbo Motorola (DMR) Who’s gonna win this war?

    • Hi John,

      no one will win, just like on the HF bands (I lost count of the number of digital modes there). What is a problem is the unwillingness of the existing networks managers to accept gateways which would enable you to communicate with each other. For example, if a D-Star user constructs a gateway between two modes, he will be banned from the D-Star network within a day.

      This happened on a few occasions now. Silly, childish behavior.

  4. In California, where digital use is widespread, some users left D-Star to migrate to DMR. They often ask about gateways, and the sysops then ask them why they left D-Star. The answer is usually the poor audio (R2D2). Why would you want to allow a mode with inferior audio quality to interface into a mode with superior audio quality?

    I don’t think the answer is network managers who will allow gateways between modes, but instead bandwidth management which allows all who want to play a bit of spectrum. There are too many paper repeaters (e.g.: non-existent) on analog tying up valuable spectrum that could be used by DMR, D-Star, Fusion or some new mode not yet discovered.

    Just my opinion. 73

    • ” … In California, where digital use is widespread … ” – “Widespread?” Only because we have the population/licensees out here, there are probably more owner/operators of these digital-mode rigs than anywhere else. But let’s not let the nation/planet think that these rigs are really being gobbled up by the masses (grin).

  5. This ht is perfect for me as I’m a sucker for buying new equipment. There’s nothing better than opening a new box of equipment. It does however frustrate me that my Yaesu ht is more than 10 times the cost of a cheap Chinese import.

  6. The Chinese and companies like Connect Systems understand that the majority of hams are not rich. Paying $600+ for a handheld, $3-$5K for a HF base radio is completely out of the question for most. I only wish these Chinese handheld were around when I was teaching ham radio to the local middle school. Every kid in the class would have been a ham!

    • At the price that is being proposed I do find it incredulous that the screen is going to be B&W.

      A couple of comments were posted about the ‘real’ use for HT’s. I’m involved in community emergency comms. I use a mix of mobile units running via a high reserve gel battery and at other times just the HT using an after market antenna or connected to a Jpole.

      For the most part the HT gets used when I’m in front of the TV and I ‘feel’ the need to keep ear out for what’s happening in my area. In my region there are no one using the Yaesu proprietary digital and quite frankly when I travel this mode doesn’t interest me. So the only reason I’d buy this HT would be for the colour screen. However given the currency exchange rate I cannot justify buying a HT for $800-900.

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