Ham radio? VERBOTEN!

Ham radio? Dangerous! Radiation! A word which, when used out of context, is linked to something scary like Chernobyl.

Darc.de (link, Google Translate), reported that 120 citizens of Rossbach, a small place in Bavaria, signed a petition with the sole purpose of banning ham radio. The petition was handed over to the city council on July 15. The reason: emissions from ham radio are supposed to be dangerous to their health. In their cross-hairs: Joachim DF3FF.

One citizen, Berthold Richter, wrote a letter to the local newspaper (link).

amateurfunkTranslated to the best of my abilities it says:

Ham Radio? No Thanks!
I’ve always thought “A little more radiation, would it really matter? After all, by using DECT wireless phones, WiFi and cell phones I have radiation in my own house anyway.

After some calculations the conclusion was that at legal maximum output, the radiation (caused by the ham radio signal) is equivalent to 200 mobile phones in UMTS mode. At half the limit it is still as much as 100 mobile phones. That is not a little bit, but much more than everything together I have in the house itself.

Would you want that? And I’m not even mentioning the unsightly antennas. All interference to radio or television reception come from the ham radio operator, but because all limits are adhered to, you can not do anything. “You have to live with it or purchase new equipment,” – says the Agency.

We do not need ham radio in residential areas and do not want it either. Not at all – not even a little bit.

The letter above was a reaction to the fact that federal agencies, including the German Department of Health, expressed that such a ban is:

  1. impossible, because it would be in conflict with federal laws,
  2. uncalled for, because there’s no extra risk to anyone’s health.

The Dutch (non-negotiable) ruling is as follows:

Alles Verboten

Owning / using cell phones: VERBOTEN. Minimum fine: € 3500.00.
Owning / using WiFi access points / WiFi capable devices: VERBOTEN. Minimum fine: € 4500.00
Owning / using PLC / PLT devices: VERBOTEN. Minimum fine: € 5500.00

Joachim DF3FF will be relocated to a residence of his choosing; all costs and expenses will be paid for by the complainers.

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  1. Embarassing. One day they will be standing before his house with pitchforks. What poor education must they have (probably green party activists).

  2. One day when all public communications would shut down for whatever it matters, I hope DF3FF would refuse to help his neigbors to call for an emergency via the radio.

  3. Ha. Dr, Royal Rife used radio waves in the HF spectrum to kill bacteria and help patients back in the 1930’s.

  4. This is getting to be a more common attitude here in the U.S. and the reaction from hams here is just as unproductive: call their critics stupid and play the ’emergency card’.

    The ’emergency card’ is simply slitting your own throat. Okay, you can set up a station *during an emergency*, then. The rest of the time, you’re off the air. Problem ‘solved’.

    Here in the U.S, licensees are 0.25% of the population. That doesn’t give the hobby a lot of political or social leverage. And the arrogant dismissal of their critics doesn’t endear hams to the political process, nor does it give their nominal defenders any kind of support.

    Three years ago, I attended a City Council meeting considering antenna and tower restrictions. I wasn’t licensed at that point, and was there for another issue. Three hams showed up to speak in opposition to the measure. Two simply ranted wild conspiracies about the President, incoherent babble about ‘communism’, and stopped just short of threatening armed insurrection. The third just insulted each Council member in turn, their children and spouses — even their pets. It didn’t do much to promote the hobby, but these morons were cheered by the local amateur community as some kind of heroes.

    It’s called “public relations”, folks. Calling people stupid doesn’t win anyone over. It might “rally” your 0.25%, but it hardens the other 99.75% against you.

  5. Someone should explain to these guys how radio waves diminish in strength quadratically with distance (*)… There’s more flowing through their heads from the phone that’s right next to it!

    And really, if they’re so worried about RF…. Why do they have DECT, WiFi and cell phones in their house. Really….

    (*): Ok I know this assumes an omnidirectional antenna but I really don’t get how people who are so afraid of RF can carry a mobile phone with them all day.

  6. HF (1.8 – 30 Mhz)
    LOW VHF (50 – 54 Mhz)
    HIGH VHF (144 – 148 Mhz)
    UHF (420 -440 Mhz)
    SHF (1240 – 1300 Mhz)
    (2400 – 2450 Mhz)
    (5650 – 5750 Mhz)
    (10 Ghz)
    (24 Ghz)

    work with low power; If you got fear of RF; don’t use Mobile Phone !!!!
    On HF is used minimum 500 Watt and going over of frequency are used low powers.

    so has not sense you fear !

    Freedom of Speech is dewfended by Consitution, and from the Paper of Human Righrs, NOBODY can’t say that RADIOMATEURS MUST STOP to PRACTICE THEIR OWN ACTIVITY.


    73, PAOLO IW0FZW

    You can find me on:


    and my e-mail is : “paolo del bene”

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