16 comments on “Sainsonic (Baofeng) GT-5

  1. They’ve got it on US amazon now along with the specs. It comes with the big battery like the UV-82L, but the charging contacts are different. There really don’t seem to be any differences I can find, the specs look copy pasted from the 82 listing.

    • the specs are copy/pasted, they say it has a 3colour display.
      it’s listed at radioddity too.

      personally i dont like the styling, i prefer the normal 82.
      though i wouldnt mind fitting the inverted display if 409shop starts selling it in the spares section.

      i dont know what the hell it’s doing with the uv5r v1 antenna though, you would expect it to be fitted with the GT-3 antenna.

      thisis anoying because i was trying to decide if i should get another uv-82 or a GT-1 and now this comes along!
      so now i need to wait for even more reviews!!!

      • Think I finally found a difference. The GT-5 specs on radioddity say it has voice companding. So far only the B5/B6’s have had that, right?

      • i just found out that there is a version called UV-89 that is a UV-82 with a voice compander.
        it even comes in red, green and black.
        unfortunatly i cant find any sellers with red at a good price. 😦

  2. Spending the $8 on the Nagoya NA-771 is something I always do anyway when buying a Chinese HT, but it would be nice if they included something decent. I guess the antenna is the radio world’s version of needing to buy a USB cable with a printer?

  3. @roadhoguk
    is that just the SMA one? because i’m looking for a BNC version and i dont think they changed style.

    • They may still be using old stock for BNC as it isn’t as popular as SMA. Buy from a reputable seller and you’re likely to be OK, I have yet to get a fake Nagoya.

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